Rare peppers - Discover "off the beaten track" qualities

Rare Peppers

Authentic Peppers, An Origin, A Singular Aroma

Forget everything you know about pepper and discover my selection. I have travelled the world in search of rare peppers that will revolutionize your cooking. Each batch is an explosion of flavours, a gustatory journey between America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Each continent has its own secrets that he reveals to you as you taste. David Vanille offers you only the best of the harvest.

Bandeau excellence

What is a rare pepper ?

A rare pepper is, as its name indicates, a pepper that you will not find everywhere. It is likely that some of the peppers in my selection are completely unknown to you. And that's my challenge today: to make you discover incredible peppers that you didn't know existed. I like to go in search of rarity, of excellence. I fell in love with these peppers as I fell in love with vanilla. Piper is a fabulous product because of its variety. You will not find two identical peppers, that is the secret of these spices. It is the moment to offer you a pepper mill and a pepper pot worthy of this name to grind and serve proudly this product to your guests.

A variety of flavours to season your dishes

When one mentions rare peppers, one immediately imagines the variety of flavours. Black pepper is reinvented when you discover Nosy Be from Madagascar. It presents fresh and floral notes for a beautiful aromatic balance. The wild red pepper of Madagascar comes to us this time from the primary forests of the island. Pungent and sweet at the same time, it subtly perfumes all your dishes. If you watch culinary shows, you have certainly heard of Timut pepper. Popular with top chefs, this pepper comes from Nepal and offers unique grapefruit notes. This rare pepper does not wait for the tasting to make you fall under its charm. It will thrill your sense of smell as soon as you open the bag. Discover also the Kampot pepper. Black pepper or red pepper, it is to each his flavors. I selected this rare pepper in Cambodia for its subtle aromas and its length in the mouth. In Ethiopia, I discovered a passion fruit pepper. It may seem surprising but... spicy and sweet at the same time, it brings an exotic note to your dishes in sauce and gives them another dimension. No need to talk about it for hours, this pepper cannot be described, it must be tasted. Let's go this time to Vietnam, India and Brazil with my blend of 4 peppers. Black pepper, green pepper, white pepper and pink berries, find all the flavors of pepper in a blend absolutely delicious. This aromatic blend is to be discovered. Impossible not to speak to you about the Sansho pepper, a rare pepper that I discovered in Japan. Its original form, its bewitching perfume, its notes of yuzu, all concur to make this pepper completely impossible to circumvent in your kitchen in salted and sweetened dishes. Cancel your plane tickets, the journey is in your plate. Java long pepper is one of my favourites. Spicy flavors, a taste between cinnamon and raw cocoa, woody notes, it does not need more. But this pepper, beyond its aromatic characteristics, is distinguished by its originality. It does not come in the form of berries, but in catkins. Piper Longum can be grated like a nutmeg to flavour your dishes. Like a vanilla, it can also be placed whole in your simmered dishes to flavour them. The Selim pepper from Ivory Coast is a rare pepper with coconut notes. Imagine for a moment that it comes to perfume wonderful chicken fillets with pineapple. It too is a long pepper, but this time it is shaped like a bean pod. The list is long, I let you discover by yourself the variety of my rare peppers to choose the one that will delight your taste buds.

The benefits of pepper

Pepper is a spicy condiment that flavors your dishes to sublimate them. It raises the taste and gives this incredible pep which makes all the difference. But did you know that pepper is also known for its virtues? On the one hand, it brings taste and thus limits the use of salt which clogs the arteries. But pepper is also known to act on the stomach, the small intestine and the colon and thus promotes digestion. It facilitates transit and is very healthy. On the other hand, it clears the respiratory tract. It is even used in Ayurvedic medicine to relieve colds and coughs. Composed of piperine, it reduces the pain associated with arthritis. Of course, it is not a miracle product, but you have nothing to lose by trying and tasting an exceptional pepper. Finally, pepper is rich in essential nutrients. Source of vitamins B, C and K, rich in minerals, once again, this condiment is very healthy.

Poivre de David Vanille: the choice of quality... and taste

For those of you who know my products, you know how important quality is to me. If I travel the world in search of rare peppers, it is not to offer you mass-market quality. And the success of my peppers is without doubt the best proof of their quality. My customers ask for more and I do my best to offer new rare origins. The great chefs appreciate my peppers and other spices, which is a great reward for the enthusiast that I am. I let you discover my selection and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.