Which vanilla for an arranged rum?

Which vanilla for an arranged rum?

Which vanilla to make an arranged rum?

The arranged rum is a preparation which always meets a great success. More and more consumers are choosing to make it at home with vanilla beans and other fruits and spices. The choice of your vanilla will impact the taste of your rum, not all of them reveal the same flavors. Let's take a look at the different types of vanilla and discover some recipes for homemade vanilla rum.

The different types of vanilla and aromatics

Red Bourbon Vanilla Bean +12cm M - Madagascar - "Médaille d'Or" : The vanilla I prefer. More refined pods, intense notes of red fruits (Raspberries, Gooseberries) and forest fruits (Blackberries, Raspberries). Cocoa atmosphere with an intensely vanilla and slightly woody finish. The vanilla with which I started on the beaches of Guadeloupe.
Red Vanilla BeanSplit +12cm M - Madagascar : Beans that develop frost easily - High vanillin content = very vanilla-like.
Bourbon Gold Vanilla Bean +12cm M - Madagascar: Fat and fleshy pods. Notes Cocoa, Vanilla - Fruity finish.
Vanilla Bean Wild Gourmet +8cm XS - Papua: Large and Exotic pods. Spicy notes, Gingerbread - Musky finish.
Vanilla Bean"Declassified" +8cm XS - Papua : Incredible price. Ideal for your arranged rums and planters. Woody and vanilla notes.
Vanilla Beanof Tahiti +12cm M: Magnificent pods, very rich in vanilla beans. Sensual, biscuity, floral notes.
Gourmet Vanilla Beanfrom Uganda +12cm M : The strongest of my collection. Cocoa notes, Intensely vanilla.
Intense Mexican powder : Sweet, Confectionery notes with a finish on Red Fruits.
Pompona Vanilla Bean"Grandiose" from Madagascar: The rarest. Out of the ordinary" measurements (very wide and long). Fruity, caramelized, bewitching notes.
Tahitensis Vanilla Beanfrom Amazonia +8cm XS - Ecuador : An exceptionally floral vanilla, a firework of the Amazonian forest. Heart notes: reminiscent of the Heliotropin notes of Tahitian vanilla (notes mixing coconut, almond, creamy).
Vanilla Malekula podsfrom Vanuatu +18cm XL: Fleshy and pearly pods. Main notes: floral (tropical flowers), powdery vanilla. Heart notes: cinnamon zeylanicum, sandalwood, yellow fruits (mango, starfruit).
Vanilla Planifolia Gourmet podsfrom Kerala +10cm - India: Herbaceous and vegetal notes (freshly cut grass), candied. A vanilla reminiscent of the tea plantations of Munnar which is located not far from the plantations.
Wild Vanilla Beans"Cream of the Tribes" +18cm XXL - Papua: Only the cream, the must from the plantations. Pods with fascinating dimensions and an unparalleled aromatic precision. Spicy notes (cinnamon, tonka, hint of ginger) in a buttery-hazelnut ensemble.
Vanilla beansPlanifolia Gourmet +16cm - New Caledonia : Intensely vanilla - Very high vanillin content !
Vanilla Bean Rare "Caramel" +12cm M - Sao Tome and Principe : Intense notes of Caramel and Chocolate. Powdery vanilla notes.
Vanilla beans"Gorilla Mountain" +16cm XXL : Large pods with exceptional measurements. A spectacular quality. Intensely cocoa notes, vanilla with a finish on the tonka bean. A Grand Cru.

How to choose your rum for a vanilla arranged rum

There are different types of rums to make your preparation. In Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion Island, there are many rum distilleries. And one finds thus various types of rums, namely:

- the white rum (agricultural or traditional) which enters in the composition of numerous cocktails and arranged rums with vanilla.

- the amber rum which is aged for at least one year in an oak barrel. If it is used in cocktails, it is the one to be preferred in pastries.

- old rum, which has been aged for at least 3 years in oak barrels. It has more character and reveals delicate woody notes.

Some recipes for vanilla rum

Here are some ideas of associations, it's up to you to choose the vanilla that seems the most appropriate according to your tastes and your experience with my different vanillas.

Vanilla-cinnamon rum: 1 liter of white rum, 8 vanilla beans, 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 tablespoons of cane sugar.

Vanilla pineapple rum: 1 liter of white rum, 2 vanilla pods, 1 pineapple, 15 cl of liquid cane sugar syrup.

Strawberry vanilla rum: 1 liter of white rum, 2 vanilla pods, 250 g of strawberries, 10 cl of cane sugar syrup.

Lemon vanilla rum: 1 liter of white rum, 2 vanilla pods, 1 untreated lemon.

Vanilla coconut rum: 1 liter of white rum, 2 vanilla pods, 1 coconut