Classification of pods

Classification of pods

classification des gousses de vanille

Here is the classification of the qualities on which the professionals of the vanilla sector base themselves:

  • Vanille Noire Gourmet non fendue / Vanille Bourbon Gold Luxe 28 to 35% humidity refining David Vanille
    30-35% humidity. The best known by consumers. Vanillin content between 1.6% and 2.4%

  • Vanille Noire Gourmet split
    Fully matured, 30-38% moisture content. Neglected because split but nevertheless an excellent sign in plantation

  • Vanilla TK 25-30% moisture, unsplit / Vanilla Bourbon Gold refined
    Vanillin content between 1.6% and 2.2%. A quality that provides an excellent compromise between the EU-US brown vanilla and the Gourmet Black vanillas

  • Vanilla TK 25-30% moisture, split
    synonymous with full maturity slightly more refined

  • Vanille Rouge Type Europe, 20-25% moisture, unsplit or split / Vanille Bourbon Gold affinée
    This designation is due to its features and colours. Vanillin content between 1.2% and 2.2%. A quality that I particularly like, although more refined, its nose is often more intense but less "round, wrapped" than a black gourmet vanilla

  • Red Vanilla Type US, under 20%, unsplit or split.
    Vanillin content between 1.2% and 2.2%. Used by the industry, very appreciated by the American market of flavours, ice creams, perfumes

  • Vanilla Frosted or Crystallized
    Development of vanillin crystals on the surface of a bean. The longer the bean, the higher the vanillin content. The formation of frost is possible if the beans are refined in the traditional way.

If you go to the files of each of my vanilla beans, you will discover their origin, size, nose, aromatic dominance.

You will then be able to use your vanilla beans in the preparation of a crème brûlée and have a vanilla atmosphere that will be quite different from what you knew until now.

You will understand then, all the work that has been done by me and with the help of my collectors-producers on site.