What to do with a used vanilla bean?

What to do with a used vanilla bean?

What to do with a used vanilla bean?

If you're a big fan of vanilla, you've probably already asked yourself this question. Is your vanilla bean split and have you used the seeds? Have you put your vanilla in milk to infuse it? What if I told you that this bean was still usable?

How do you reuse an infused vanilla bean?

You made a delicious rice pudding or a crème brûlée and your vanilla was infused in the milk? Don't throw it away! Just rinse it and put it on a paper towel to dry. Vanilla is reusable, you can still enjoy its exquisite flavours and split your pod to remove the beans.

How do I reuse a bean from which I have removed the seeds?

If your vanilla bean is hollowed out, don't throw it away. Of course, it is the beans that bring the most flavour. However, you can still use the naked pod. Did you know that? When we talk about a vanilla bean whose beans have been used, we are talking about used vanilla. If you buy a ready-made product with vanilla in it, be careful. The beans having been removed, the exhausted vanilla is a product of lower quality. However, many manufacturers use it in their recipes, the taste of vanilla will naturally be less powerful. Check the ingredients of your products, manufacturers must indicate when it is spent vanilla. For personal consumption, spent vanilla is a perfect solution to use every piece of your bean and thus make your purchase profitable.

My solutions for using a spent vanilla bean

There are different recipes that allow you to reuse your vanilla, even after you have removed the beans. Of course, the taste will not be as pronounced, but the result is more than acceptable for a product that would have gone to waste!

Making homemade vanilla sugar

It's quite simple. Take an airtight jar and put in 4 spent vanilla beans and add 500g of sugar. With a full bean you would have needed less vanilla, but this time you need to put in a little more so that the vanilla flavours develop in the sugar. Keep your jar away from light and moisture and wait a good month before using your vanilla sugar.

Making vanilla powder

Put your vanilla pods in the oven at a very low temperature (maximum 50°) for 10 to 15 minutes. Let it cool down and mix the beans, you will obtain a powder that you can use in all your sweet and savoury recipes.

Making vanilla extract

You will need either used vanilla or an infused bean. In the second case, split it and place it in a bottle of rum. You need between 5 and 10 beans for a 50 cl bottle of rum, depending on the bean you choose (used or infused). Keep your bottle in a cupboard and stir regularly. As you do so, the colour of the alcohol will become darker. The longer you wait, the stronger your vanilla extract will be. I recommend waiting 4 to 6 months before using it. To get a more neutral flavor for your vanilla extract, you can also use vodka, ideally a strong alcohol drink.

Making vanilla oil

Again, it's pretty simple. Take 4 emptied vanilla beans and place them in a liter of olive oil. Leave to macerate for a few weeks and use in a variety of recipes, including fish dishes.

Make an arranged rum

And why not give your vanilla beans a second life by making an arranged rum? If you like fruity flavours, I advise you to make a vanilla-banana arranged rum. In a litre of dark rum, add two cinnamon sticks, 15 cl of liquid cane sugar, 4 vanilla pods and a banana cut into small pieces. Leave to macerate for a few weeks (at least a month) and enjoy.

Make a vanilla paste

Take 8 used split vanilla beans. Cut them into small pieces and mix with 50 g of butter and acacia honey. Add 1 teaspoon of old rum. You can use this mixture to spread on pancakes.

Brewing your vanilla bean

Your vanilla bean is empty of its seeds? You can use it to add flavour to your dishes. Infuse your vanilla bean in milk for a dessert, in a liquid cream to accompany a fish, a blanquette, etc. There are many ways to reuse vanilla, only your imagination will determine the limits.