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Who am I?

I made the choice to offer you products with an incredibly high quality, originated by a drastic and thorough selection of producers and partners.

I'm passionate about everything Vanilla, from the harvests to maturing, partnerships, discoveries and experimentations.

I truly hope you'll be as charmed by my products as I am! They come from the best plants and their harvesting follows a very strict and quality oriented specifications.

I chose only to sell products I fell in love with, real instant crushes because I follow my heart and my gut? Every year, a part of my profit is given back to the communities that helped make my dream of becoming a Vanilla seeker a reality. Through the Karuna Shechen association, founded by Matthieu Ricard, you help humanitarian projects in India, Nepal and Tibet.

Yours truly, David Vanille

Best sellers

  • 29.9 In Stock "product-name

    The best quality of Vanille Bourbon Gold from my refining process. The result is simply one of the most beautiful vanillas in the world. An exceptional vintage that makes us smile when we discover it. Main notes: Cocoa, Vanilla, Sweets, Fruity.Quality: Prestige +16cm - 25 to 30%Use: Your best recipes deserve the best.Origin - Plantations : Andapa -...

    29,90 €

    In Stock
  • 5.52 -20% 6,90 € In Stock "product-name

    Saffron pistils with superb notes! This is only the Sargol milesy of my Iranian partner's harvest. A saffron that develops an exceptional intensity with only a few pistils. Food pairing: fish, meat, desserts, omelettes, sauces, rice.Dosage: 0.1g for a recipe of 4 to 6 people.Origin - Plantations: Iran - Khorosan Plantation - Torbat, Kashmar,...

    5,52 € -20% 6,90 €

    In Stock
  • 1.8 -25% 2,40 € In Stock "product-name

    A powder of cayenne pepper that brings a slight spiciness without hiding the taste of your other spices. Ideal for exotic dishes, red sauces or to make your own tabasco or pizza oil. This quality is known as vegetarian chilli pepper in the West Indies. Association: Overseas cuisine, homemade sweet tabasco, spice up your life! Origin: China Packaging: 40g...

    1,80 € -25% 2,40 €

    In Stock
  • 1.56 -40% 2,60 € In Stock "product-name

    Basil is an aromatic plant that is essential in Mediterranean cuisine. Enhance your southern recipes with our freeze-dried basil. Its strong and fresh taste goes perfectly with your vegetables and meats. Add a pinch of basil to your sauces to flavour them or sprinkle on your meat and fish. Food pairing: tomatoes, fresh cheeses, apricots, strawberries,...

    1,56 € -40% 2,60 €

    In Stock
  • 0.6 -60% 1,50 € In Stock "product-name

    Onion slices that add crunch and spice to your dishes. It is particularly appreciated with raw vegetables or forest and Mediterranean preparations. Association: Sandwich, vegetables, meat, poultry, raw vegetables, salads, salad, salad dressings...Composition: Dehydrated onions from India.Dosage: A spoonful in your vinaigrettes or a few strips to your...

    0,60 € -60% 1,50 €

    In Stock
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