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Who am I?

I made the choice to offer you products with an incredibly high quality, originated by a drastic and thorough selection of producers and partners.

I'm passionate about everything Vanilla, from the harvests to maturing, partnerships, discoveries and experimentations.

I truly hope you'll be as charmed by my products as I am! They come from the best plants and their harvesting follows a very strict and quality oriented specifications.

I chose only to sell products I fell in love with, real instant crushes because I follow my heart and my gut? Every year, a part of my profit is given back to the communities that helped make my dream of becoming a Vanilla seeker a reality. Through the Karuna Shechen association, founded by Matthieu Ricard, you help humanitarian projects in India, Nepal and Tibet.

Yours truly, David Vanille

Best sellers

  • 29.67 -15% 34,90 € In Stock "product-name

    Saffron pistils with superb notes! This is only the Sargol milesy of my Iranian partner's harvest. A saffron that develops an exceptional intensity with only a few pistils. Food pairing: fish, meat, desserts, omelettes, sauces, rice.Dosage: 0.1g for a recipe of 4 to 6 people.Origin - Plantations: Iran - Khorosan Plantation - Torbat, Kashmar,...

    29,67 € -15% 34,90 €

    In Stock
  • 4.87 -30% 6,95 € In Stock "product-name

    A blend of spices that is unanimously appreciated when you discover it. A beautiful balance that harmonizes spiciness and aroma in your recipes. I strongly recommend it if you regularly cook meat, it's his specialty!Food pairing: Meat, Game, Simmered meat, Poultry.Composition: Sweet pepper, salt, rosemary, thyme, garlic, hot pepper.Packaging: 40 gr...

    4,87 € -30% 6,95 €

    In Stock
  • 4.21 -15% 4,95 € In Stock "product-name

    A very gourmet blend that you must absolutely discover! It works wonders with fish and white meats. It is a must, simply delicious, ideal as a complement to a curry sauce. It is the famous "Caramel Grillades" of Guadeloupe and Martinique.Food pairing: Baked meat, vegetables, fish, cheese.Packaging: 40g resealable bag - aroma preservation.Composition:...

    4,21 € -15% 4,95 €

    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • 1.4 -30% 2,00 € In Stock "product-name

    Also known as livèche or maggi grass, l'ache des montagnes is a condiment with flavours similar to celery. It can be used to decorate an omelette or to delicately enhance your meat or fish. Food pairing: Omelettes, potatoes, vegetables, lamb, white fish, simmered dishes... Dosage: Sprinkle sparingly on your dishes Packaging: 40g resealable bag -...

    1,40 € -30% 2,00 €

    In Stock
  • 0.9 -40% 1,50 € In Stock "product-name

    Onion slices that add crunch and spice to your dishes. It is particularly appreciated with raw vegetables or forest and Mediterranean preparations. Association: Sandwich, vegetables, meat, poultry, raw vegetables, salads, salad, salad dressings...Composition: Dehydrated onions from India.Dosage: A spoonful in your vinaigrettes or a few strips to your...

    0,90 € -40% 1,50 €

    In Stock
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