Where does vanilla grow?

Where does vanilla grow?


Vanilla grows between the 20th parallel North and the 20th parallel South around the globe.

By placing your finger on a planisphere and rotating it, you can discover the possible production areas.

The main vanilla producing countries are :

  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • indonesia
  • Uganda
  • Papua New Guinea
  • India
  • Comoros
  • Guadeloupe and Martinique
  • Reunion Island

Depending on the regions and species of the producing country, the aromatic palettes will be more or less different.

Fécondation d'une fleur de vanille

During a visit to a plantation, it is important to focus on different key points that will ensure the quality of future vanilla beans:

  • Mulching at the base of the vanilla plant
  • Exposure to non-direct sunlight
  • The type of cultivation (undergrowth, shade, interspersed)
  • The age of the vanilla trees
  • The species of the vanilla trees
  • The number of flowers fertilized per bud

Vanilla can be grown in many countries. However, it is necessary to train local producers to fertilize and maintain the vanilla plants and to know the different refining techniques.

When a country decides to develop agro-forestry projects for vanilla plantations, it is very often a long-term project.

It is not difficult to grow a vanilla tree in a tropical or equatorial zone with rich soil.
It is a long-term job. The vanilla tree will give its first flowers only three years after being planted.
The steps requiring the most expertise are after the harvest of the mature vanillas.
It will then take several years, often, before acquiring knowledge and vanilla pods of a decent quality.
With experience and a constantly improving specification, producers develop their own know-how

The end result does not have to be a black vanilla bean with a moisture content of more than 30%.

For example, as with vanillas from Papua New Guinea, the pods are drier in appearance but the aromatic palette is unique.
One should not rely on the standard. It is a whole that will be judged.
Organoleptic tests, kitchen tests and feedback from great pastry chefs will be necessary.

Finally, close your eyes and let yourself be transported by the vanillain your hands