Discover easy recipes for using my spice selections.

Learn surprising blends of flavours that will amaze your guests. Using my spices sparingly in your recipes allows you to revisit your family recipes. A hint of vanilla in a savoury recipe, black pepper combined with sweet, simple and quick to prepare chefs' desserts.

It's not a question of using quantity to get taste, only of using quality spices!

Each rare pepper, vanilla and spice blend brings a tempo to your recipe. A few grams are enough to create an atmosphere, a tone, a journey. 

At first, when you open your packet and smell the first fragrances of my selections, recipe ideas will come to you instinctively. My aim is to accompany you by proposing recipes from Chefs discovered during discussions with restaurants, chocolate makers, ice-cream makers and blogger friends.

"Spices all contain magic, even those that you pour into your pot every day with a distracted hand." Chitra Banerjee Divakanuri


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