Vanilla Pods

Vanilla Pods

Vanilla beans with singular aromas and a rare intensity!

For 7 years, I have been selecting for you the best vanilla beans from the plantations. It is very easy to find vanilla on the internet but much more difficult to find a quality like in the past. After my annual trips to vanilla and spice producing countries, I have set up partnerships with producer-collectors. You will discover that each vanilla pod has a unique nose and aromatic amplitude depending on its production region, its maturation or its variety.

The respect of a long traditional maturing process is also one of my signatures. The result can be a black Bourbon Gold vanilla with strong cocoa notes, a drier Uganda vanilla with wild notes or a very floral Papua vanilla. Every year, I do my best to ensure that you can discover new vanilla flavoured palettes

My goal is for my customers to understand that the scent of a real vanilla can be very different from what we imagine.
It's often a discovery when you first receive my selections. I am looking for aromatic intensity, power, feminine or wild notes that will make me "vibrate" and make my customers happy

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    Main flavours : Cocoa-like, Creamy, Caramelized Aromatic range : Childhood memories Quality : Crop 2018 - Bourbon Gold vanilla How to use it : This high-quality vanilla can be used either in sweet or salty meals. Origin : Sava Region (Sambava, Antalaha, Vohemar, Andapa)The best of the crops

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    Main notes: Cocoa, Gourmet, Powerful. Aromatic: A Bourbon vanilla that reflects the quality of yesteryear. Quality: +14cm - Maturing in a "Grand Cru" trunk - Harvest 2018 Use: One vanilla pod is sufficient for one recipe. After infusion, we find the complexity of my Bourbon Gold vanilla from Madagascar Origin - Plantations: SAVA - Sambava, Antalaha,...

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    Main notes: island flowers, gingerbread Sensation: Discover a quality with a maturing period of 12 months. Aromatic: Gingerbread, floral and wild notes. Color: Striated ebony Caliber: Gourmet +14cm Origin - Plantations: Highlands region - Mount Kabangama, Goroka.Packaging : 10 vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea - Tahitensis Gourmet"Same variety as...

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    Main notes: floral, spicy, sweet.Sensation: vanilla pods "off the beaten track".Aromatic: rare and wild intensity.Colour: ebony and oily.Calibre: gourmet +14cmOrigin - Plantations: highlands region of Papua.Packaging: 500g - about 140 to 170 pods depending on size."A quality not found elsewhere, my signature, my passion!"

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    Main notes: fruity, caramelized, bewitching.Aromatic: A rare vanilla, with a powerful nose and "off the beaten track" that represents a tiny part of Madagascar's harvest (about 0.001%).Quality: +17cm - long maturing - Harvest 2018.Use: It works wonders in desserts, salty dishes (such as scallops with vanilla) and arranged rums.Origin - Plantations:...

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    Main notes: Cacao, Wild, Intense vanilla. Aromatic: The dominance is on vanilla notes. Cocoa base note. Color: Large pods, Pearly Black, Essential oil of vanilla. Quality: Harvest 2018 +14cm Use: Pastries, simmered dishes (veal blanquette, stew) Origin - Plantations: Rwenzori, Kibale, Kyambura, Bwindi, N'dali region.Packaging: 10 pods of Uganda Grand...

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    Main notes: wild, spicy, honey. Sensation: A dry vanilla with a real aromatic power. Aromatic: Precise, long refined, sweet. Color: Brown Caliber: Vanilla Tahitensis extraction - 10 to 16cm Origin - Plantations : Jungles and Villages of the North West, vanilla from the Papua Islands.Packaging: 500g of vanilla extracted Brune de Papouasie - About 250...

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    Main notes: Balsamic, liquorice, floral Sensation: Extremely rare, it is like a diamond. Variety almost extinct Aromatic: On the nose, it is a wild vanilla, which no other species can match. Balsamic and liquorice notes are intertwined with tobacco leaves. The whole is buttery and floral Color: Black and very oily Origin - Plantations : Basse-Terre -...

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    David Vanille's opinion: Powder to enhance your vanilla recipes. Used by manufacturers, pastry chefs and chocolate makers in ice cream and macerations for the "Vanilla Grains" effect. Also suitable for many jams, dairy products.The vanillin level of my exhausted vanilla is 0.2% max depending on the batch. Exhausted vanilla comes in a combination of your...

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My objective? To discover year after year new harvests, superb vanillas with exotic notes that make me travel just by smelling it

Bourbon Gold Vanilla from Madagascar

I wanted to offer you a Bourbon vanilla that can surprise you with its intensity.
Every year, it is important that my Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar keeps beautiful warm and cocoa flavours.
When I received my first batch in 2019, I was surprised to discover bottom notes that draw significantly on caramel.

As for the Grands Crus, a Bourbon vanilla is a geographical appellation. In this region, there are many producers with their own know-how.
Beyond the control of each vanilla producer, we will be interested in maturing, harvests at full maturity or not, climatic hazards, the first notes after 2 months in a trunk,...

It is easy to find wine in France but name me exceptional wines with an excellent price-quality ratio and a quality that is renewed every year: it will be much more difficult!
I could still offer cheaper Bourbon vanilla beans, but my quality would no longer be the same, what's the point?

What I propose and try to find is a Bourbon vanilla that reflects my signature. I want my customers, when they smell my vanilla, to understand and breathe it into all my work.

Do you really want to discover a Bourbon vanilla with a different nose and intensity? Trust David Vanille.

I propose a Bourbon vanilla maturing process that goes off the beaten track:

*Bourbon Gold Luxury vanilla, a vanilla I particularly like, with cocoa, butter and caramelized notes. Long trunk maturing for singular aromatic precision. Moisture content 28-35%.

Papua New Guinea Vanilla

When you start discovering something other than Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, you quickly become interested in Papua New Guinea vanilla Papua offers two varieties: Planifolia vanilla (the most common) and Tahitensis vanilla, which is the same variety as the one found in Tahiti.
The maturing of Tahitensis in Papua is done as on a Planifolia vanilla in the world, with the difference that it is not scalded.
There are sweet and very exotic notes on this origin. The intensity of the aromatic palette offers characteristic notes of flowers, leather, sometimes slightly roasted

This vanilla is particularly touching to me. The work of the Papuan communities over the past twenty years has been remarkable in promoting this singularity.
A major challenge remains on the training of producers and collectors to offer a vanilla that is properly ripened without developing germs.
Too often, the samples do not meet my requirements: the humidity level is too high and the vanilla is badly refined, without power.

My goal is to offer you a quality with a long maturation and notes faithful to the typicality of a Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea.

If you want to discover a vanilla from faraway lands with "fireworks" notes, discover Papua New Guinea vanilla from David Vanille here

Vanilla from Uganda - Rwenzori Gold

In search of a rarer origin. Uganda is a country that has been struggling to make a name for itself in the vanilla sector for several years.
It is very difficult for me to find a black vanilla of excellent quality currently in this area
The last batch I received was re-refined and sorted by me because the humidity level and the quality received did not correspond to my specifications.
The result is a refined vanilla with wild notes that will find its recognition in macerations

Want to get off the beaten track and indulge yourself with a refined vanilla that stands out from the crowd? Ugandan vanilla will enhance your arranged rums and homemade vanilla extracts.

Pompona Vanilla from Guadeloupe - Endangered

Guadeloupe was once a vanilla-producing region, but the sector has almost disappeared.
Of course, there are still many vanilla trees in Guadeloupe, a relic from an era when the island's vanilla was famous in Europe.
A few lovers and enthusiasts continue to develop agroforestry, vanilla projects under shade or in the undergrowth.
The majority of the vanilla planifolia harvested undergoes a transformation with the Bourbon technique (scalding, steaming, maturing), a minority "comb" the vanilla like the one I like and select exclusively.
Guadeloupe vanilla producers who perpetuate a maturing process by "scarifying" the vanilla preserve a know-how unique to the French West Indies.
I can only encourage this approach, which allows vanilla to develop exceptional and unique notes.
Scarified Guadeloupe planifolia vanilla will develop musky, woody and deep notes. The scarified Pompona vanilla from Guadeloupe will offer balsamic, floral and ample notes that no vanilla can match.
The latter is a variety that has almost disappeared from the world. It is rarer than a diamond.

To discover Guadeloupe vanilla, feel free to browse my site in the "All about Vanilla" category or by discovering my technical sheets.