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Imagine yourself in the heart of the mountains facing an exceptionally calm nature where you can soothe your tensions. Do the words well-being and relaxation speak to you? Do a yoga session at home and then drink a Serenity herbal tea.

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Herbal tea Serenity: offer yourself a moment of zen

With my Serenity herbal tea, you will finally be able to settle down and offer yourself a moment just for you in all tranquility. Forget all the time of a tasting of this infusion and escape. Close your eyes, put on some relaxing music, and imagine yourself at the foot of a waterfall, lulled by the soft sound of water. This herbal tea is composed of wild strawberry leaves, apple, orange peel, mallow flowers, sunflowers, elderberry, blueberry and hibiscus. A magnificent natural cocktail for a tasting under the sign of serenity.

What are the flavors of the Serenity herbal tea?

With this Serenity herbal tea, discover fruity and floral flavors at the same time, a call to nature to treat your taste buds and live a sweet and soothing moment.

Food and tea: David's Vanilla accords

This Serenity herbal tea can be accompanied by a thousand delicacies. A magnificent fruit tart with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and redcurrants will be perfect to treat you. A soft chocolate cake will bring a sweet and reassuring feeling that will perfectly accompany your infusion. And because serene moments are often the simplest, why not imagine this Serenity infusion with a square of chocolate, in the evening, while reading a good book by the fire?

The virtues of the Serenity herbal tea

This herbal tea is a concentrate of virtues that will soothe you, but also meet the needs of your body. Hibiscus is a very healthy plant that quenches thirst, drains and promotes digestion. It is ideal in a slimming program. Its richness in vitamin C is a plus. The orange peel is rich in hesperidin, which helps to reduce fat in the body and lower bad cholesterol levels. This Serenity tea also contains elder, a plant used since antiquity to fight against colds, flu, bronchitis and to relieve more generally the respiratory tract.

Composition : wild strawberry leaves, apple, orange peel, mallow flowers, bilberry, hibiscus, sunflower flowers, elderberry.

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