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Let me introduce you to a true classic, which stands out both among standard teas and in our Christmas selection. The powerful blend of China and Ceylon teas has been meticulously enriched with ground cinnamon pieces from Ceylon and Madagascar. This unique blend draws its perfectly balanced flavor from an expressive, captivating aroma. It embodies the simplicity and authenticity that are the signatures of perfection.

This carefully composed tea blend offers a taste experience that transports you into a warm, comforting atmosphere. Skillfully combined, China and Ceylon teas create a solid, powerful base, while cinnamon adds a spicy, aromatic note that delights the senses.

Each sip of this tea is a sensory voyage, where flavors blend harmoniously to offer a perfect balance. The rich, earthy notes of China teas blend with the subtle sweetness of Ceylon teas, while cinnamon adds bewitching warmth and distinctive character.

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, China black tea, Madagascar cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon, Flavors.

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