Sencha Cranberry-Rose

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From the very first sip, you'll be seduced by the perfect balance between tart cranberries and sweet raspberries. Each flavor note is meticulously chosen to create an enchanting symphony. Bright slices of cranberry, chunks of raspberry and delicate rosebuds combine to offer a gentle yet captivating rhythm that can't be ignored.

The base of Sencha, a high-quality Japanese green tea, adds depth and freshness to this composition. The tea leaves are carefully harvested and expertly processed to preserve their unique characteristics, resulting in a liqueur of luminous clarity.

The aromas that emerge from this infusion are both delicate and enchanting. Tart and sweet flavors gradually reveal themselves, offering a rich, complex taste experience that awakens the senses.

This creation is an invitation to an exceptional gustatory voyage. The vibrant flavors of cranberries and raspberries mingle harmoniously with delicate rosebuds, creating a sensory experience that charms the taste buds.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, rosebuds, raspberries, cranberries, aromas.

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