Milky Oolong

China Rare and high-end

This tea is distinguished both by its manufacturing process and its exceptional character. Right from the start of production, freshly harvested tea leaves are treated with meticulous care. Immediately after wilting, they are gently steamed with milk water, preserving their beautiful clear, olive-green color once infused, while creating the characteristic creamy aroma and taste of this variety.

This artisanal process continues with the manual rolling and drying of the leaves, where every gesture is carried out with precision to achieve the perfect result. Each step is carried out with ancestral know-how, preserving the authenticity and quality of this exceptional tea.

The end result is an extremely sweet tea that is sure to delight new enthusiasts in search of unique flavors. Each sip transports you into a world of sweetness and creaminess, where aromas and notes blend harmoniously.

This variety is a veritable treasure trove for tea lovers, offering an incomparable taste experience. Its sweetness and creaminess are an invitation to relaxation and refined tasting.

Discover this specialty from Fujian province and let yourself be seduced by its light color and unique aromas. Immerse yourself in the experience of a smooth, creamy tea, created with passion and expertise to satisfy the most demanding palates.

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Rare and high-end