Easy homemade pesto

Easy homemade pesto

Easy - 10 Min

  • style Dish type : Salty
  • poll Difficulty : Easy
  • access_time Preparation time : 10 min
  • timer Cooking time : 0 min
  • place Region : Italy
  • euro_symbol Cost : €34.89


Discover a very flavoured and easy to make pesto sauce. Ideal for your aperitifs, to accompany your pasta, fresh cheeses and fish.
This recipe does not include pine nuts, replaced here by my Italian spice blend.

This aromatic combination makes this pesto even more sunny and tasty.


30cl extra virgin olive oil

100g parmesan

cheese 10g freeze-dried garlic

50g fresh freeze-dried basil

5g black pepper of your choice - spicy, aromatic, fruity or strong

5g spice mixture - Italian


Leave to macerate overnight in a bowl all the ingredients in the fridge.

After a minimum of 12 hours of maceration, whisk the whole thing gently.

Pour your preparation into a blender.

Mix for one minute at full power.

Taste it