Indian Fish Curry

Indian Fish Curry

Easy - 8 Min

  • style Dish type : Salty
  • poll Difficulty : Easy
  • access_time Preparation time : 8 min
  • timer Cooking time : 15 min
  • place Region : India
  • euro_symbol Cost : €10.66


Passionate since my first trip to India, I suggest you discover a recipe from the South of the country. This recipe can be served with the fish of your choice (salmon, hake, Saint Pierre, etc.). As an accompaniment, you can go on tagliatelles that add visual to plate or basmati rice.

A gourmet meal, spicy and that makes us travel! Takeoff for South India.


600g of fish

50cl of fresh cream

5g curry

3g black pepper (spicy, strong, fruity or aromatic)

2g Timut or Sansho pepper

5g Ache des montagnes

20g sweet butter

Caribbean salt


Brown your fish in a knob of butter

Halfway through the cooking of your fish, add your crème fraîche, my curry, the mountains, a touch of salt, your Timut or Sansho pepper, your black pepper.

Let the whole thing rest on a low heat.

Serve with green tea.