Vanilla beans

Vanilla beans

Unique and rare Vanilla beans

I've been selecting the best Vanilla beans for my clients for seven years. If it's easy and quick to find Vanilla beans online, it takes much longer to find good Vanilla beans like you used to find before. During all my travels around the world to find the best spices and Vanilla beans, I set up partnerships with producers and pickers whom I trust. When you will try my products, you'll realise that every variety (every bean even!) has its own aromatic palette, its shape, its wideness, etc. These differences are due to both the variety, the location of the plant but also the maturing process.

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    Main notes: Cacao, Wild, Intense vanilla. Aromatic: The dominance is on vanilla notes. Cocoa base note. Color: Large pods, Pearly Black, Essential oil of vanilla. Quality: Harvest 2018 +14cm Use: Pastries, simmered dishes (veal blanquette, stew) Origin - Plantations: Rwenzori, Kibale, Kyambura, Bwindi, N'dali region.Packaging: 10 pods of Uganda Grand...

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    Main flavours : Cocoa-like, Creamy, Caramelized Aromatic range : Childhood memories Quality : Crop 2018 - Bourbon Gold vanilla How to use it : This high-quality vanilla can be used either in sweet or salty meals. Origin : Sava Region (Sambava, Antalaha, Vohemar, Andapa)The best of the crops

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    Main notes: island flowers, gingerbread Sensation: Discover a quality with a maturing period of 12 months. Aromatic: Gingerbread, floral and wild notes. Color: Striated ebony Caliber: Gourmet +14cm Origin - Plantations: Highlands region - Mount Kabangama, Goroka.Packaging : 10 vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea - Tahitensis Gourmet"Same variety as...

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    Main notes: Balsamic, liquorice, floral Sensation: Extremely rare, it is like a diamond. Variety almost extinct Aromatic: On the nose, it is a wild vanilla, which no other species can match. Balsamic and liquorice notes are intertwined with tobacco leaves. The whole is buttery and floral Color: Black and very oily Origin - Plantations : Basse-Terre -...

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    Main notes: Cocoa, Gourmet, Powerful. Aromatic: A Bourbon vanilla that reflects the quality of yesteryear. Quality: +14cm - Maturing in a "Grand Cru" trunk - Harvest 2018 Use: One vanilla pod is sufficient for one recipe. After infusion, we find the complexity of my Bourbon Gold vanilla from Madagascar Origin - Plantations: SAVA - Sambava, Antalaha,...

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    David Vanille's opinion: Powder to enhance your vanilla recipes. Used by manufacturers, pastry chefs and chocolate makers in ice cream and macerations for the "Vanilla Grains" effect. It can also be used in many jams, dairy products, sauces.The vanillin level of my exhausted vanilla is 0.2% max depending on the batch. Exhausted vanilla comes in...

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    Main notes: wild, spicy, honey. Sensation: A dry vanilla with a real aromatic power. Aromatic: Precise, long refined, sweet. Color: Brown Caliber: Vanilla Tahitensis extraction - 10 to 16cm Origin - Plantations : Jungles and Villages of the North West, vanilla from the Papua Islands.Packaging: 500g of vanilla extracted Brune de Papouasie - About 250...

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Sticking to a strict and always improving maturing process is the key to the high quality of my selections. This is why my Bourbon Vanilla beans are so cocoa-like. This is why my Ugandan Vanilla beans' undertones are so raw and dry. This is why my Papuan Vanilla beans have these floral undertones. Pleasing my customers is my main goal. This is why I do my best to help you discover both traditional and classic flavours (like the Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla) and "off the beaten tracks" Vanilla such as my Ugandan raw beans. I want to give back what my producers and pickers gave me : an understanding of the differences and importance of origin and varieties, the knowledge that Vanilla is not just one flavour but a palette, a buffet of tastes and scents.

Trying my selection is always an experience. You think you already know what vanilla is, what it tastes like, what it smells like. But when you'll receive the Vanilla beans I selected for you, whichever you choose, you'll be blown away by the fragrance, the undertones, everything. What I'm looking for while selecting my Vanilla beans is an aromatic intensity that will send shivers down my spine. I want you to travel all around the world just by smelling and tasting my selection of Vanilla beans.

Bourbon Vanilla Gold - Madagascar

I specifically chose this Vanilla because of its astounding intensity. It's crucial to me that the beans keep the same intensity and quality from one year's harvest to the other as its buttery and cocoa-like undertones are its emblem. When I got the 2019 harvest, I was happily surprised to get caramel undertones in addition to the usual ones.
br>"Bourbon" is a designation of origin, just like great vintages. In this region there are tons of producers, each one having its very own savoir-faire. But when choosing a Vanilla, you'll have to get in deeper than just the producers and their savoir-faire. Full-ripen harvest, maturing process and weather history are part of the bigger picture.
br>You can find thousands and thousands of different wines accross the globe but it's almost impossible to find a great vintage with a great price-quality ratio and an unchanging quality over years. Quality comes with a price. My Vanilla beans could be cheaper but I would have to cut back on the quality and that's basically unthinkable for me. My products are a part of me, my history, my soul. I want my clients to feel that when they use my Vanilla beans, when they smell them.

My selection of Bourbon Vanilla Gold from Madagascar is the perfect balance between traditional and childhood-memories-like Vanilla, and unexpected undertones and intensity, you can trust me!

My Bourbon Vanilla Gold from Madagascar is very precious to me. My selection has buttery, caramel and cocoa-like undertones. It has been slowl and longly matured to get its unique aromatic range. Humidity rate : between 28 and 35%.

Papuan Vanilla - Tahitensis

If the Bourbon madagascan Vanilla is the most popular one on the market, Papuan New-Guinea Vanilla is the first runner-up. When you try the latter, it can either be Planifolia Vanilla (the most common variety) or Tahitensis (the one Thaiti is famous for). The maturing process for both are very alike. The only difference is no scalding is required for the Tahitensis variety. If Ugandan Vanilla has raw notes, Tahitensis' are smooth and exotic. Those notes are supplemented by flower and leather hints, creating Tahitensis' unique and breath-taking aromatic palette.

I'm reallydeeply affected by this variety and the locals' work to make it prosper. The Papuan community has been working relentlessly for the past 20 years to promote this uniqueness. There's still a lot to do, mainly on training the producers and pickers with a proper maturing process that won't develop germs and bacterias. I often get test bacthes that don't reach the quality level I require : the beans are too humid, not properly matured and lack intensity.

My goal being to make you discover the authenticity of the Tahitensis unique aromatic range and intensity, I carefuly chose my partners. This is why my papuan vanilla beans are so remarkable and the reuslt of a strict maturing process that we keep improving day after day.

If you want to venture to unknow roads of taste and scents, roads made of explosive hints and notes and unknown flavours, try my Papuan New-Guinea Tahitensis Vanilla beans. You won't be disappointed.

Ugandan Vanilla Bean - Rwenzori Gold

Are you looking for rare and unusual Vanilla beans? Look no further as Uganda has been trying to make a name for itself in the Vanilla industry.

It's a tall order to find high-end, black Vanilla beans there but the communities are making progress. The lats batch I recieved didn't reach my levels of expectations as it was too humid. I ended up maturing it and selecting the best beans myself. The result is a matured Vanilla with raw hints. It will earn tis stripes when you use it in macerations.

If you want to discover a Vanilla that stands out, an off the beaten track product, the Ugandan Vanilla is the one you're looking for. Try to make infused Rum with it to be blown away by its aormatic palette.

Pompona Schiede Vanilla from Guadeloupe

Once a major Vanilla producing island, Guadeloupe is now almost absent in the Vanilla market. Only the Vanilla plants remain, reliques of the golden age of the Vanilla in Guadeloupe. A few aficionados and amateurs keep on producing this treasure but struggle due to the lack of an actual island-wide agroforestry project. Most of the Planifolia beans are put through a "Bourbon" maturing process and very few beans are actually scarred like it used to be in the old days. I chose to only pick the latters as it helps perpetuate a unique savoir-faire proper to the French West Indies. I think it's crucial to keep this tradition alive both for the communities and to keep on producing this unique Vanilla with its as unique aromatic range.

When scarred, Guadeloupean Planifolia Vanilla will reveal musky, woody and deep undertones. As for Guadeloupean Pompona Vanilla, when scarred, will reveal balsamic, floral and sophisticated hints that can't be matched by any other variety. Rarer than a diamond, this variety is almost extinct.

You'll find more information about all my varieties on their respective pages.