Green Tea - Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl

China Rare and high-end

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl embodies one of the most prized jewels of China's southeastern mountain region. For over a century, only the most delicate, young leaves, selected from the finest green teas, have been meticulously chosen to compose this exceptional rarity.

The leaves, still fresh and slightly damp, are meticulously blended no fewer than six times with delicate, freshly picked jasmine flowers, releasing their subtle fragrance. They are then skilfully sifted and shaped by hand into tiny, delicate pearls. Each bead, like a cage, preciously encloses the bewitching essence of jasmine, released only during the infusion.

The harvesting method, following the "two leaves and a bud" principle (the two finest upper leaves and the leaf bud), reveals itself in the champagne-colored liqueur, testifying to the exceptional quality of this infusion.

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl is much more than just a tea, it's a true work of culinary art, a sensory voyage that transports you to incomparable gustatory heights.

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Rare and high-end