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Ginger Powder - Nigeria

Ginger powder is an essential condiment for your recipes with Asian or African flavours. Its fresh and fruity taste with a hint of spiciness awakens your salty or sweet recipes.

Pairings: seafood, meat, marinades, dishes in sauce, biscuits

Origin: Nigeria

Packaging: 40g resealable bag - aroma preservation.

"A ginger powder with a fresh, lemony and spicy scent... a unique taste"

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  • What is ginger?

    Ginger, Zingiber officinale, is a small root that grows in tropical countries. Originally from India, the rhizome is used as a condiment or therapeutic remedy. It also plays an important role in Asian cuisine.

    Its shape is rather oblong. Its thin skin covers a juicy, pale yellow flesh, varying from white to orange. Ginger produces long shoots, from 30 cm to 1 m, and small yellow or white flowers. This perennial plant has persistent foliage recognizable by the length of its leaves and the leafy bevels on its stem.

    David Vanille's choice: I have chosen to present you with a ginger from Nigeria, one of the largest ginger-producing countries. It was in the heart of the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria, that I found this ginger with a lively, spicy and fruity scent. This warm and fertile black soil, irrigated by the Niger River, has allowed it to develop all its aromas. Its powerful and spicy taste adds character to your Asian or Indian recipes.

    Ginger harvest

    Ginger is grown by planting small pieces of root in rich soil. To develop, it needs sun and rain. Harvesting takes place 7 to 10 months after planting. An Officinal Zingiber that has reached maturity can be recognized by the onset of dryness of its foliage. At this time, the rhizomes are harvested before being washed and dried. These are preserved whole to be consumed fresh or reduced to ginger powder for longer storage and daily use.

    The origins of ginger

    The first traces of ginger can be found in Asia, more than 5,000 years ago. At the time, it was used in cooking and in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. Its many benefits have made it increasingly cultivated and sought after.

    From Asia, it can be found in Greece, Rome, and then in the Arab countries where its culture will intensify. In the Middle Ages, ginger was consumed in the hypocracies.

    Ginger nowadays

    Today, ginger is eaten raw or cooked. It is also found in many remedies and vitamins. In Jamaica, it is used in the preparation of Ginger Beer. Some liqueurs are also made with ginger.

    Other uses of ginger

    Ginger powder is rich in minerals, such as manganese and magnesium. Spice with 1001 virtues, it is known for its invigorating and revitalizing action. Its unique fragrance and the feeling of warmth it gives us are offered by the different compounds it contains: zingerone, shogaol, paradol and gingerol.

    Ginger, recommended by the WHO

    The World Health Organization recommends consuming ginger to fight nausea and vomiting. It is also advisable to take it if you are prone to motion sickness.

    Ginger in traditional medicine

    Use of ginger in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

    • Promotes blood circulation
    • Treats colds and coughs
    • Soothes morning sickness during pregnancy
    • Treats rheumatism
    • Acts against digestive problems

    Use of Ginger in Ayurvedic medicine:

    • Considered as a superaliment
    • Promotes digestion
    • Facilitates breathing
    • Good for joints
    • Stop the hiccup
    • Improves blood circulation

    It is also said to provide some peace of mind.

    The aphrodisiac properties of ginger

    Ginger is a fortifying and energizing agent, which has earned it its reputation as an aphrodisiac. In Niger, the country where the ginger I selected comes from, women make ginger potions that they give to their husbands to stimulate their bed vigour. It is also mentioned in the Kâmasûtra as a performance aid during lovemaking practices, however, no serious studies speak of such benefits.


    How to use ginger powder in cooking?

    The ginger powder I propose is ready to use. Just add one or two teaspoons to your preparations to give them that unique taste. I advise you to add it at the end of cooking to avoid losing any of its flavour.

    This powdered ginger is perfect for your salty preparations, meats, seafood or vegetables, as well as for your sweet dishes or drinks. It can also be used to replace pepper in your dishes and add an extra spice to them.

    Did you know that? Ginger is an essential ingredient in "Ital" cuisine, a vegetarian cuisine based on the use of natural products with little processing. This cuisine is appreciated in Jamaica for its nutritional qualities that help to maintain a healthy body.

    Our recipe ideas with ginger powder

    Would you like to get the most out of all the flavours of my powdered ginger? From starter to dessert, here is a menu to which it will bring its unique taste and all its benefits.

    The entrance: Homemade sushi

    Serve as a starter or main course, sushi is relatively easy to make once you have the right touch. Generally, they are served with ginger, soy sauce and wasabi. Ginger powder can be used to make gari, a mixture of rice vinegar and ginger that is used to rinse your mouth between sushi of different flavours.

    The dish: Duck with ginger

    Here is a Chinese recipe that can be revisited in the Western way. Grill your duck breasts and sprinkle them with powdered ginger. You can also make a marinade with rice vinegar and ginger powder. Cover your duck breasts and let them marinate for 6 hours before cooking. Delicious with basmati rice.

    Dessert: Chocolate and ginger mousse

    How to bring a little pep to a classic chocolate mousse? Thanks to the ginger! Add half a teaspoon of ginger powder to your device and enjoy.

    How to store ginger powder?

    Ginger powder can be stored in a dry and dark place. Choose a hermetically sealed container to protect it from the air. It will thus keep its aromas for a long time.

    Bonus: Ginger can be used in any sauce. In vinaigrette or sprinkled in a soy sauce, it will add a spicy and lemony touch to your seasonings. It also mixes with coconut milk, chutneys and marinades. Simply add a teaspoon of ginger powder to your marinade base, oil or soy sauce to flavor it.

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