Aperitif-Tapas Mix


This aperitif and tapas mix will revolutionize your aperitifs. It brings this pep that you have been waiting for a long time to reinvent all your recipes.

Composition :
Aromatic herbs, spices

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What is the aperitif-tapas mix?

I present you a special mix to give some pep to your aperitifs. With this tapas mix, you will delight your guests and become the king or queen of the aperitif! Why should you do this? Simply because you are going to offer different flavours that are off the beaten track. Forget peanuts and other chips. Make the aperitif a moment of gustatory pleasure and sharing.

This aperitif and tapas mix is composed of aromatic herbs and spices. You will thus perfume all your recipes and offer greediness to your dishes. Think big and prepare an aperitif dinner for your friends by varying the pleasures with this mixture of spices for tapas.

Imagine yourself in Spain, in the land of tapas. Can you imagine yourself in a tapas bar in Barcelona, facing the sea, enjoying the sun and a festive atmosphere? That's what I'm proposing to you with the aperitif-tapas mix.

What is the flavour of the aperitif-tapas mix?

This mixture is composed of aromatic herbs that bring freshness to your recipes. The spices, as for them, come to perfume and raise all your preparations.

How to use the aperitif-tapas mix?

This mixture is perfect to imagine the most delicious preparations for the aperitif. When it comes to tapas, the solutions are unlimited, let your imagination and your greed speak for themselves.

Our recipe ideas with the aperitif-tapas mix

Shrimp with aperitif-tapas mix

Let's start with marinated shrimps always very appreciated at the time of the aperitif. I suggest you peel your shrimp and marinate them in a mixture of aperitif spices, olive oil and lemon. You can add a few pieces of garlic if you wish. Then pan fry for a few minutes and serve warm.

Fresh cheese toasts with aperitif and tapas mix

Cheese toasts are a great way to start an aperitif, especially if you add spices and herbs to the mixture. Take a plain fresh cheese, it can be a cow's or goat's cheese, you decide according to your taste. Mix this cheese with my aperitif and tapas mix to flavour it. Add salt and pepper to taste and present your cheese on toast. You can add a piece of coppa for a slightly smoky taste.

Chicken croquettes with aperitif and tapas mix

Spaniards like to enjoy croquettes as an appetizer. These tapas are therefore worth considering, especially as my spice mix will give them a kick. Chop a chicken fillet and cut some Serrano ham into small pieces. Brown the meat in a pan with olive oil and a finely chopped onion. Add your appetizer and tapas mixture and a little flour to bind it together. Add a little milk. Leave to cook over a low heat for about twenty minutes so that the mixture thickens. Put in the fridge for a few hours and then form small balls that you will dip in a beaten egg yolk. Dip your croquettes in a deep fryer for 3 to 5 minutes. Serve warm.

The health benefits of the aperitif-tapas mix

This appetizer-tapas mix is very healthy. Beyond the gustatory pleasure it brings, it is a concentrate of virtues. Aromatic herbs are detox foods that you can consume without moderation. They promote digestion, are low in calories and are rich in chlorophyll and vitamin K.

Spices are also known to promote digestion. In addition, they help fight against cardiovascular disease. Indeed, their taste allows to limit the use of salt which is not the best ally of your arteries.

The conservation of the mixture aperitif-tapas

I advise you to leave this mixture of herbs and spices in a space protected from light, heat and humidity.

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