Four peppers - Brazil, Vietnam, India

David Vanille's opinion: Warm and spicy medium aroma for your everyday cooking. Travel through 3 countries and 4 plantations with a symphony of colours, smells and enchanting flavours.

Food pairing: Meat, game, fish, shellfish, eggs, vegetables, pasta and rice.

Packaging: 40 gr
Other names: Aromatic pepper.
Origin - Plantations : Binh Duong Black Pepper - Vietnam, Kerala Green Pepper - India, Gia Lai White Pepper - Vietnam, Brazilian Pink Berries.
Dosage: One to two mill towers

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    Pepper is probably the most widely used spice in the world and has been for thousands of years. It has delighted many palates with traditional and non-traditional dishes; salty, sweet and even sweet and sour. I imagine you have never been indifferent to the discovery of a new pepper.

    But you are not unaware that this generic term covers a large number of visual and organoleptic subtleties depending on its origin, variety, level of maturity...

    Also, it seemed to me judicious to propose you a blend of several peppers allowing you to travel around the world of pepper in a few minutes!

    In order to cover the entire aromatic palette that the different peppers can offer, I have carefully selected four types of peppers from 4 different regions.

    Thus, the Four Peppers - 3 Origins is composed of:

    - Vietnamese black pepper. More specifically, the Binh Duong region, located north of Ho Chi Minh City. This pepper will be the one that will bring the spice to the whole.

    - Kerala Green Pepper. This region of southwest India offers a green pepper that provides the ideal vegetal notes for palates looking for herbaceous freshness.

    - White Vietnamese pepper. This pepper from the province of Gia Lai, in southern Vietnam, will bring the sweetness and sweet notes that can be expected from such a mixture.

    - Pink berries from Brazil. You will find a pretty pink color in your package, it will be finely crushed Pink Berries that come from the regions of Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo and Bahia. They will bring the sweet and fruity notes of pepper.

    It is therefore a multi-sensory journey through very different regions that I suggest you make by tasting your favorite dishes seasoned with this blend of Four Peppers - 3 Origins



    The first contact you will have with this Four Peppers - Brazil, Vietnam, India will be visual and will allow you to admire the panel of colours that this blend offers while already projecting its organoleptic palette, even before you taste it. Indeed, just by looking at it, you will feel the strength of the Black, the sweetness of the White, the freshness of the Green and the energy infused by the Pink.

    Before tasting this clever blend, you will first meet it. If White Pepper is the one that will bring all its sweetness to this whole, it is it that will largely dominate the olfactory palette of this one. You will therefore recognize as a priority this typical smell of White Pepper that can be found whatever its origin. Then, if this scent of White Pepper has inspired you to push your curiosity beyond appearances, you will simultaneously feel the freshness of Green Pepper and the power of Black Pepper. The fruity notes of the Bays Roses will remain discreet during this stage, but it is to better surprise you once in the mouth.

    The time for tasting has come: prepare yourself for a very complex explosion of flavours. The power of Vietnamese Black Pepper will be the attack of this mixture, you will immediately feel its medium spiciness and the very slight anesthesia it provides to the tongue. Then you will feel like a breath of very fresh air with herbaceous aromas, no doubt, Kerala's Green Pepper extends this rather energizing taste journey. While this duo offers you a beautiful length in the mouth, the White Pepper will offer you its sweet notes to accompany you in a more delicate way on this journey. But it is not a question of resting on your laurels (or your pepper...), and it is the Pink Berries that will remind you of it by bringing their almost sweet fruity touch.

    This blend has a rather complex aromatic palette, so it is best to put it in a mill and grind it at the very end of the cooking process, or even when serving your dish. This will preserve all the flavours of these Four Peppers and the ingredients they will sublimate.


    When you say "multiple colours, flavours and origins", you mean "infinite possibilities of cooking".

    One of the many advantages of this blend of Four Peppers - Brazil, Vietnam, India is that it will perfectly season each of your salted dishes.

    For all your meats:

    Whether red or white, or poultry or game, no meat will resist the accompaniment of this wonderful Four Peppers. You can prepare a delicious Four Pepper Roast Veal or a Four Pepper Beef Stir-Fry. For a festive meal, prepare a unique Duck Breast because it will be seasoned with this complex and delicate blend. Finally, be inspired by chef Alain Ducasse with a wonderful Dos de Biche aux Quatre Poivres. This blend will also work wonders if you use it in your marinades for all your grilled meats.

    For your fish and shellfish:

    This sublime blend will highlight all the seafood products you want to cook. Thus, whether it is a lean fish such as a Pavé de Cabillaud, Quatre Poivres sauce, or a fatty fish such as a Filet de Thon en Croûte de Quatre Poivres, you will be won over by the new flavours that this blend will give to your dishes. Are you a big fan of iodine flavours? The Four Peppers that I propose will then delight you when you mould it on your Sautée or plancha shrimps, or if you integrate it into the mayonnaise that will accompany your Bulots, Clams and other shells.

    For your egg dishes:

    Whether it's a Fresh Mushroom Omelette, a Flat Egg with a touch of fresh cream, a gourmet Goose Egg in a Shell or Meurette Eggs with a peasant salad, you can count on the complexity of the flavours of Quatre Poivres to enhance all your egg-based dishes!

    For your vegetables and starchy foods:

    Prepare delicious vegetables by seasoning them at the very end of cooking with this Four Peppers blend. Grind your steamed vegetables, on your vegetable gratins or in a soup or delicious purée. The same applies to all your pasta and rice dishes. Give a new gustatory boost to your Bolognese Lasagnaise, Carbonara Spaghetti or succulent Risotto, which have already earned you a lot of praise.

    The little bonus:

    If I often recommend that you include my peppers (especially black peppers) in your chocolate preparations, it is obvious that the aromatic complexity of this blend does not allow me to challenge you in such a way. Nevertheless, I suggest you grind a little of this Four Peppers on a Strawberry Salad or in a Red Fruit Coulis. The gustatory surprise will be guaranteed.


    Pepper, whatever its origin and level of maturity, has been an essential ingredient in all pharmacopoeias throughout the world for thousands of years.

    It is an essential element, particularly in Ayurvedic medicine.

    If each of the peppers in this blend knows how to bring its own colour and aromatic palette, it also knows how to deliver its benefits for overall health.

    Thus, we say that White Pepper has an orexigenic power, that is to say that it allows to open the appetite (which is rather good news for you who intend to grind some of it on your friendly dish today).

    Black Pepper is known for its high content of piperine, a molecule which, combined with turmeric, gives very good results in the case of anti-inflammatory or pain relief treatment.

    Green Pepper has benefits for our digestive system. Indeed, it stimulates the pancreas and thus stimulates the production of enzymes essential for the proper functioning of our digestion.

    Finally, in traditional Reunionese medicine, Pink Berries are used to improve digestion.

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