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Black pepper - East Timor - 40g

Simply grandiose! Incisive spicy, very fruity on the palate, final notes on cocoa. It is a real love at first sight and a pride to offer it to you. He took me to discover rare and secret plantations. To me, my Holy Grail, one of the best peppers in the world

Food pairing: Meat, game, poultry, fish, vegetables, fresh cheese, desserts.

Packaging: 40 gr

Origin - Plantations: East Timor - Tutuala, Mehara

"The result of several months of sourcing"

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    It is the result of a sourcing "off the beaten track"

    The first olfactory notes are very herbaceous and powerful. It's disconcerting and magical! When tasted, these small grains explode in the mouth. We discover a very pronounced spiciness followed by warm and sweet notes. The finish offers notes of cocoa, fruity in the mouth

    This very rare pepper is a world exclusivity and gathers, in itself, the leitmotif of my work as a spice researcher: to read many stories of privateers and adventurers, to follow their journey and in turn, to try to pay tribute to their expeditions through my sourcing.

    During my many researches, I became interested in Pierre Poivre's career and his expeditions. When he read one of his stories at the French court, he mentioned East Timor and its discoveries. Pierre Poivre made a brief stay in East Timor on his way down from the Moluccas and never returned. This idea of returning to Pierre Poivre's footsteps sprang in my mind and after endless research, I finally managed to find my Holy Grail.

    The harvest of this wonderful pepper takes place from April to June and is carried out in a traditional way, entirely by hand.

    After harvesting, the berries are exposed to the sun for a few days to dry them out enough so that they can exhale the quintessence of their aromas and flavours. It is just after this drying period that East Timorese Black Pepper will develop its typical hemp notes

    East Timorese Black Pepper, an exceptional pepper.

    It is essential to respect its high quality by not molding it too finely. It is therefore advisable to crush it in a mortar or grind it coarsely at the last moment, so that it reveals all its olfactory and gustatory power to you in an optimal way.

    If you only had one pepper in your kitchen, I would recommend this one without hesitation!

    It will be an unfailing ally both in your daily kitchen and for major events, in all seasons!

    It's up to you to write a new story with exotic accents in your kitchen thanks to this surprising bay!



    If this bay can be an ideal partner for your daily culinary preparations, it will be a great ally when you plan to enchant your guests' taste buds! Here are some ideas for recipes that will allow you to use East Timorese Black Pepper with simplicity and originality.

    In your savoury recipes:

    East Timorese Black Pepper is the ideal condiment to enhance all your meats (white or red), game, fish and shellfish.

    Thus, you can crush a few berries over a beautiful Entrecote de boeuf just removed from your barbecue, or on a rack of lamb that you have roasted in the oven. It will also be ideal when combined with the juices of a Filet mignon or incorporated into a meat sauce.

    The meat with which this berry works wonders is the duck! Whether it is in the preparation of a Roasted Duck Breast with Pepper, in the manner of Chef Alain Ducasse, or roughly ground on a slice of Foie Gras, East Timorese Black Pepper will reveal all the nobility to this meat.

    The hemp notes of this bay will not leave your guests' palates indifferent when you associate it with your fish and shellfish! Whether in papillote or grilled on the barbecue, a few black pepper berries from Timor Noir Oriental crushed on your fish dishes will make them delicious. He will work miracles on prawns, mussels with any sauce, on a sea bream,..

    You can also grind a few berries on all your egg dishes... From boiled egg to omelette, from delicious fried eggs to a dash of cream... a delight!

    The vegetables will experience a moment of glory when seasoned with East Timorese Black Pepper. Indeed, it will enhance all your vegetable stir-fries, gratins and other steamed vegetables.

    Use East Timorese Black Pepper to make all your sauces unforgettable! From mayonnaise to white sauce, from vinaigrette to a sauce: this pepper will meet your challenge by giving it the task of sublimating your sauce.

    At cheese time, this bay will once again surprise you! Whether made with cow's, goat's or sheep's milk, a fresh cheese seasoned with East Timorese Black Pepper will be just as fresh and sweet as this essential dish of any meal!

    For your sweet preparations

    Like many other peppers, the combination of its flavours and aromas with sweet dishes is a real gustatory revelation!

    East Timorese Black Pepper will bring freshness and spicy notes to your fruit-based desserts, whether it is a plum pie, strawberry salad, apple crumble or fried peaches, the pleasure of the palate is there!

    You can also add a few ground berries to your compotes and homemade jams.

    Don't miss out on another delightful taste that the sublime combination of East Timorese Black Pepper and the delicacy of a chocolate dessert would offer! From your delicious dark chocolate mousse to a chocolate fondant, not to mention exquisite brownies, you will delight young and old alike with a blend as original as it is delicious.


    The great French botanist and colonial administrator, Pierre POIVRE, stayed in East Timor in the 18th century where he discovered different varieties of pepper and spices. The Timorese were just beginning to develop this vine on the island when Pierre POIVRE discovered it.

    Through his tenacity, and despite the many obstacles that have imposed themselves on him, Pierre POIVRE has made it possible to put an end to the Dutch monopoly on the spice market.



    If it caught you on the plate, pepper, of any variety, is also known to be a berry with a thousand benefits.

    East Timorese Black Pepper is no exception to this rule, as it can deliver many benefits to your overall health.

    Thus, East Timor Black Pepper will be the guardian angel of your digestive system (and as it is beginning to be recognized, your intestines are the cradle of your overall well-being). Vedas (references to ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine dating back more than 5,000 years) already cited it as the one that fuelled the fire (agni). By stimulating the entire digestive system, from the taste buds to the intestine and stomach, it improves digestive functions both in individuals whose digestion is too slow and in those suffering from gastric burns. It also has aperitif properties that stimulate capricious stomachs.

    Pepper is said to have slimming properties, in fact, the piperine contained in the pepper makes it possible to reach a feeling of satiety more quickly.

    This same piperine gives the pepper tonic properties for the whole body. The cardiovascular system is then stimulated with a regular consumption of pepper, and in particular black pepper from East Timor.

    It is probably because of these toning properties that pepper is attributed to, and for many centuries, aphrodisiac properties (which I will let you check by yourself...).

    In a nutshell, it is said that East Timor Black Pepper has antidepressant properties. Let's admit that the gustatory and olfactory journey it provides already makes it possible to put the sun back in the mood during the tasting. This benefit is increased tenfold by the piperine (again) contained in large quantities in this pepper and which would fight anxiety and mild depression.

    It is also attributed antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (and anti-cancer, by extension) properties when combined with turmeric.

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