Keep your vanilla beans

Keep your vanilla beans

1. How do you store your vanilla beans?

I invite you to follow my advice as soon as you receive your vanilla beans.
Simply open your airtight pouches and choose one of the storage options

1) In a glass jar - Wrapped in baking paper - Several weeks

Wrap your vanilla beans in baking paper. Place the beans in a recovery jar with as little air as possible. Drying (loss of moisture) of the beans will be faster than with other methods. The advantage is to be able to keep all the amplitude and typicity of the origin (Madagascar, Guadeloupe, Uganda, Papua, Tahiti, Mexico...).
They must be protected from the light, in a dry and not humid place.

2) In an airtight jar with an alcohol base - Several years of conservation :

Arrange your vanilla beans vertically in a jar with a base of alcohol (rum, gin, vodka).
Only one of the ends of your vanilla bean should be in contact with the alcohol base.
This way, your beans will keep for several months.
A dosage of 3 to 5cl for 10 to 40 vanilla beans is sufficient.
When your vanilla beans have been used up, you can flavour your recipes with the vanilla extract you have left.
Vanilla extract in the United States is a base of vanilla beans left for several months in a white alcohol. The result is often exceptional.

*David Vanille cannot be held responsible for conservation problems independent of the quality delivered.


3) Freezing your vanilla beans - 24 months conservation :

When professionals in the food industry buy several kilos of vanilla beans, they very often use this technique.
During my visits to my many chocolate customers, stocks are now in the freezer.
Some will explain to you that purists don't do this because it stops the development of vanilla flavours.
The majority of the aromas in your vanilla bean will be at their peak when you receive your order.
The long traditional maturing process, David Vanille's signature, allows you to discover vanilla with complex and singular notes

These techniques guarantee an excellent conservation of your vanilla beans over time.

* These storage methods are suggestions.
Any problem linked to a bad conservation on your part could not be attributed to the quality of the vanilla beans

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