Vanilla pods "Gorilla Mountains" +16cm XXL

Congo Intensely Cocoa Notes

What a pleasure to offer you these pods! It has been extremely difficult to import a batch from our partner plantations. The presence of rebels in the Rwenzori region made vanilla cultivation almost impossible. This batch is probably the only one we will be able to offer you for many months. The quality of the pods is quite spectacular, both in terms of their olfactory power and their "out of the ordinary" dimensions for a planifolia variety.
The width, size and length of these pods make us understand immediately that we are in the presence of extravagant pods at all levels! Off the beaten track!

They come from agroforestry cultivation, located in the Gorilla Mountains, the Mountains of the Moon, on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains. Black to intense brown in colour, they are absolutely stunning in their aromatic power.

Main notes: Intensely cocoa-flavoured, biscuity, vanilla.
Heart notes: Oily, Vanilla, Tonka bean powder.

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