White Pepper Powder - Vietnam

David Vanille's opinion: Light on the nose, it develops a camphor note. Very full in the mouth. Power that spreads slowly without taking the palate away, a pleasant sensation at the end of the tasting. It is the least powerful pepper, but also the most subtle of all. It has a very pleasant nose and a slow diffusion of flavor in the mouth.

Food pairing: White meat, fine fish and eggs in all its forms. Fruits such as melon.

Packaging: 40 gr
Other names: Tieu Trang, Tieu phan
Origin - Plantations : Vietnam
Dosage: One to two pinches per plate

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  • What is Vietnam White Pepper?

    The white pepper comes from the same vine as black pepper, from the Piperaceae family. After harvesting, the white pepper berries are soaked in water to facilitate removal of the shell (pericarp) surrounding the stone, then they are husked to remove all of the pericarp, before drying in the sun. This heart of bare pepper is white pepper. In the end, it is a red pepper without its cap, the pericarp.

    From an aromatic point of view, it is more delicate than in its other forms (red or black) and offers a sweeter fragrance without losing its spiciness. The plantations are located not far from the coast, which gives the pepper a salty, very marine note. This quality closely resembles Kâmpôt's white pepper.

    Undoubtedly, the sweetness and discreet flavours of Vietnamese White Pepper will surprise you. In its ground version, this pepper with its contrasting aromas will allow you to enhance a seasoning.

    If you combine it with lemongrass, it will subtly enhance your poultry or white fish marinades. Thanks to its wild and musky notes, the taste journey is guaranteed!

    How to use the White Vietnamese Pepper in the kitchen?

    Instead, the White Vietnamese Pepper to compose gentle associations. If the extraction of the pericarp offers this sweetness in the mouth, the fact remains that the White Pepper will be able to deliver flavours that are far from going unnoticed.

    You can also introduce this spice to children by sprinkling it on a pasta dish or puree or in a white sauce.

    Finally, be careful not to have your hand too heavy on the pepper when you season a dish

    Store your ground pepper in an airtight box away from light. Under these conditions, it will even improve as it ages!


    Recipe ideas with the White Vietnamese Pepper

    Vietnamese White Pepper has a light and aromatic flavour, quite similar to Kampot White Pepper and is very subtle. As such, it will sublimate white meats, fine fish, and will be a real treat on a boiled egg!

    Its caramelized flavours and its animal and camphor notes are perfect for a white fish fillet, a warm goat cheese slice or fresh oysters.
    It is recommended to use it ground in order to instantly obtain the quintessence of its flavours.

    In Vietnam, white pepper is used in most recipes (soup phở or chào gà for example).

    As far as French gastronomy is concerned, it will be found more in recipes based on fine fish such as Saint-Pierre or sea bass, which will be served with Nantes butter. Its slight citronella acidity will complete all these dishes.

    It will also gently enhance your steaming vegetables.

    Like black pepper, it will also surprise you in desserts (especially fruit desserts). It will make it possible to sublimate melon, without erasing it.

    In the kitchens of the greatest chefs, we find this White Pepper in different forms, and for different meal periods. As a starter, Joël Robuchon uses it in his recipe for the Tarte Friande with peppers, tomatoes and basil. Then, you can continue with the Bar en écailles grilled with sweet spices, according to Guy Savoy. Finally, the taste buds will receive a powerful sweetness with Alain Ducasse's Poires au Vin

    Origin and history of the White Vietnamese Pepper ?

    For 14 consecutive years, Vietnam has been the world's leading producer and exporter of pepper. Vietnamese pepper is exported to 97 countries and territories in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

    To promote the development of this sector in Vietnam, the Vietnam Pepper Exporters Association was created in 2001. It acts as a bridge between producers, organizations and companies, and acts as a driving force in the development of production, trade and export. The association implements important national programmes, updates product information, promotes organic pepper production, links companies and farmers...