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Cranberry "Superboost-Superfruit" blend

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Are you looking for a blend full of vitamins to give you all the energy you need to face everyday life? This Superboost mix is for you. Crack open these delicious dried fruits, your body will thank you for it.

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Suberboost Super Fruit Blend: a 100% natural energy shot

Because you need more energy every day to work or play sports, I propose a Superboost blend that will revolutionize your daily life. A few natural fruits, and the magic happens.

This Superboost blend is made of dates, blackberries, apricots, pineapple, cranberries, goji berries and apples, a concentrate of flavor and energy to be consumed at any time of the day. In the morning to boost you, when you are tired, this mixture of dried fruits will become the best partner of your performances

The nutritional qualities of the mixture Suberboost Super fruits

This Superboost mix will seduce you with its nutritional qualities.

The virtues of the date:

- rich in fiber, it promotes digestion;
- rich in vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of your body;
- rich in antioxidants, it fights against free radicals.

The virtues of the goji berry :

- high in calcium to fight osteoporosis;
- regulates cholesterol and blood sugar;
- rich in antioxidants, it fights free radicals;
- rich in vitamin C, it helps fight fatigue.

The virtues of the cranberry:

- rich in antioxidants, it fights cell aging;
- a recent study shows its ability to reduce the viability of prostate cancer cells due to its pro anthocyanidin content;
- increases good cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease due to flavonoids;
- prevents urinary tract infections;
- source of vitamin C to boost immunity.

Blackberry virtues:

- rich in antioxidants to prevent the effects of aging;
- rich in vitamin C and iron to fight fatigue, stress and anemia;
- natural antibiotic and bactericide.

The virtues of the apricot :

- its contribution in beta-carotene allows to keep strong bones;
- rich in antioxidants, it favors the regeneration of cells and prevents cardiovascular diseases;
- rich in fiber, it preserves your transit.

The virtues of pineapple:

- source of fibers, it favors digestion ;
- its antioxidants neutralize free radicals ;
- its anti thrombotic and antiplatelet properties prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The virtues of the apple :

- rich in fiber, it facilitates digestion;
- it prevents the risk of obesity;
- rich in pectins, it reduces bad cholesterol levels.

The virtues of coconut:

- Digestion
- Vitamins

The corner of the sportsmen

With this Superboost mix, you will never see sport in the same way again. These natural dried fruits offer you a high energy intake. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, this mix preserves your health and gives you all the energy you need to improve your performance. To consume before and during the effort.

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