Bourbon Vanilla beans Gold - Madagascar

Main flavours : Cocoa-like, Creamy, Caramelized

Aromatic range : Childhood memories

Quality : Crop 2018 - Bourbon Gold vanilla

How to use it : This high-quality vanilla can be used either in sweet or salty meals.

Origin : Sava Region (Sambava, Antalaha, Vohemar, Andapa)

The best of the crops

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  • 1. Bourbon Vanilla beans Gold Quality directly imported from Madagascar

    Almost everyone associates Vanilla to Madagascar. Actually, Bourbon Vanilla can come from numerous countries such as Madagascar, Comoros, Mayotte, Mauritius Island and Réunion. Vanilla was imported in Madagascar in the beginning of the 20th century. She quickly became renowned in the whole world for her high-end quality, maturing and aroma. Today’s, she’s the go-to for both great chefs and everyday consumers even after the inflation this industry went through. Today, 80% of the Bourbon Vanilla sold in the world comes form Madagascar.

    As a personal preference, I enjoy it most in sweet dishes such as a crème brulée, a floating island or even poached pears. Those are basic dishes that will perfectly showcase the quality of this Bourbon vanilla. Those recipes are also perfect to highlight its wide aromatic palette (cocoa and nuts hints).

    2. Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla beans & I

    A few of my passions are commerce, travels and humans.

    When I was 18, I used to go and sell pains au chocolat (chocolate croissants) and Bourbon vanilla Beans on the market to get some pocket money. I used to buy it online and sell it every week-end. That’s when I fell in love with this variety of Vanilla and its powerful scent.
    Without knowing it, I became an advocate for Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla and started singing its praises to anyone willing to listen to me.

    I decided to move away to Lille (North of France) to study after graduating and kept on selling my Madagascan Bourbon vanilla beans. Thanks to all the money I had made and had saved by selling this high-end product, I could afford a plane ticket to India that same year. It was my first time there. I instantly fell in love with this wonderful country, its breathtaking scenery and the incredible people I met there. It was at that time that I discovered my two main passions in life : Vanilla and spices.


    A few years later, I flew to Madagascar for the first time. My first memory ever when stepping on Madagascan land was the smell of Vanilla that filled the air wherever you went. The crops had just been harvested and there were fresh vanilla beans lined up on hessian wherever you eyes fell on. It was a dream come true for me!


    There, I visited crops and met producers and pickers, went through all the specifications and went on to discover the "motherland" of the most popular Vanilla in the world.

    The people I met there and who I work with are also part of why I keep falling in love with this special Vanilla variety and I can’t thank them enough for that.
    I also couldn’t have gone there without the support of my clients and friends back in France who encouraged me to pursue my dreams and make a living out of my passion. If I can make all of you discover both traditional and new varieties of Vanilla and share this passion with you today, it’s because of all those people. For that, I am more than grateful.
    Bourbon Vanilla will always be my first true love. Even though travelling around the world allowed me to discover new and exciting varieties of Vanilla.

    I had so much to learn back then, like how to improve the quality of my collection. I changed collaborators and met with a wonderful team I started working with. Amongst them was a woman who truly helped me understand how to choose my Vanilla beans, how to work with it; how to understand Vanilla, in a way. Our relationship was built on a shared passion for everything Vanilla and trust which is the key to a successful partnership.

    3. Is my Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Gold quality the best on the market today ?

    I spent 8 years roaming the world, looking for the best crus and went off the beaten tracks in order to offer my clients the best quality possible, the perfect balance between the authenticity of Bourbon Vanilla and the exciting scents and tastes of off the beaten tracks varieties.


    In a nutshell, Vanilla is my life. Every part of my selection is a part of me, my travels, my passion, memories and affect. All year long, I gave samples of Vanilla beans sent to me. I’m always looking for the batch that resonates with me, with my emotions because having the best selection possible is my goal. The price of all my selection is based on market prices. I prefer to help this industry thrive and help my clients discover great products, rather than making lots of money and ending up destroying my passion. Offering actual high-end products at a reasonable price is my signature move.

    4. My selection of Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla beans

    ***** Large beans

    28-35% humidity / Wider aromatic range / Highest quality
    Those batches are produced in tiny numbers, which makes them very rare. I’m always searching for the best products and those batches are clearly it. It will satisfy the highest standards regarding Vanilla quality and the most refined palates.
    The bigger the bean, the wider the aromatic palette.

    In order to get to know my selection truly, you should give both of those types of Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla beans a try !

    5. How to keep your Vanilla beans fresh and how to properly use them?

    Hop over here to learn how to store and preserve your Vanilla beans.

    To enjoy all of its aromatic range, be sure to cut the bean lengthwise, scrape the seeds loose from the bean and add both to your recipe.


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