1Kg Red Bourbon Vanilla +12cm M - "Gold Medal

Madagascar Notes : Red Fruits, Wild Berries, Vanilla

A COUP DE COEUR - What aromatic power! I strongly invite you to discover this Grand Cru vanilla, processed in the traditional way by my teams. Fully matured pods, split or not split, a firework of aromatic amplitude! A higher dry matter content and a lower moisture content, allowing the aromatic precision of my harvest to shine through.

Which vanilla do I prefer? You've often asked me: it's this one!

My 2020-2021 Bourbon Vintage, my Gold Medal.

Last batch from the 2019 harvest, over 18 months of maturation in trunks

Professionals: 284.27€ in 1kg size - Delivery DHL Europe included
Vanille Grand Cru - Long maturing ina trunk.
A unique know-how, the David Vanille Signature.

Main notes: Vanilla, Red berries (Raspberries, Redcurrants), Forest fruits (Blackberries, Blueberries)
Heart notes: Lightly woody, Very candied.

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The Red Bourbon Vanilla "Gold Medal" from Madagascar is drier, why?

The weight of a pod does not determine its quality. As a professional, you weigh the water content.

At our level, in the import of vanilla, after years in the industry, here are the most important points:

- Vanillin content (the main molecule for vanilla notes only)

- Associated aromatic amplitude. On this batch: Main notes: Vanilla, Red fruits (Raspberries, Gooseberries), Forest fruits (Blackberries, Blueberries) Heart notes: Slightly woody, Very candied.

- Harvest period

- Maturing of the batch, respect of the specifications of each importer(here, long traditional maturing as in the past).

- Nutrients of the soil from which the pods come, native soil, type of cultivation (shade, agro-forestry, intensive...)

- Final result in the creations of our customers chefs and individuals.

Finally, the vanilla that the industry buys to create vanilla extracts is only split or unsplit extraction vanilla. Like us, they focus on the quality of the batch and not on the visual. Today, 90% of the vanilla imported into the food industry is still extraction vanilla for its quality of aromatic content (although dry but much more intense).

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Notes : Red Fruits, Wild Berries, Vanilla