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12 Black Gold Vanilla Beans Tsy Taitry - Madagascar

Quality : Luxury +17cm - long maturation - Harvest 2018
Origin - Plantations : Terroir of Sambava, Antalaha, Andapa
Packaging : Resealable bag.

Treat yourself to the best of vanilla with this rare product. Black Tsy Taitry vanilla knows how to distinguish itself by its subtle flavours and accompanies your greatest dishes. This vanilla from Madagascar is the partner of your great occasions

"If you're looking for the exceptional, Black Tsy Taitry vanilla is for you."

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  • 12 pods

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  • A remarkable vanilla hybrid from Madagascar

    Some vanilla beans come from "traditional" vanilla trees, of which there are three: vanilla planifolia, vanilla pompona and vanilla tahitensis. But sometimes vanilla is the fruit of a hybrid plant, as is the case with Black Tsy Taitry vanilla. And the result lives up to expectations. Its producers have managed to offer a simply incredible vanilla, an explosion in the mouth. This vanilla produced in Madagascar has inherited 75% of the vanilla planifolia, which is why it has very fruity beans. 25% of its line is inherited from vanilla pompona, which gives it that fleshy and generous side that makes you want to split it. Vanilla pompona is traditionally cultivated in Martinique and Guadeloupe, it proves its ability to develop in the best possible way in other territories with vanilla planifolia, which is none other than the most cultivated orchid species in the world. This vanilla is refined over a long period of time, revealing its unique and bewitching flavours. As a reminder, the refining is the last stage in the cultivation of vanilla. It takes place in wooden trunks for several months to allow the vanilla to dry and develop aromas. A checker regularly comes by to open the trunk to make sure that the pods do not rot. If this is the case, he removes the mouldy beans to preserve the quality of the others.

    Forget what you know about vanilla

    It can be said without any concern that Black Gold Tsy Taitry vanilla is a rare luxury product. Not only will it upset your taste certainties, but it is a product that is rarely found. It represents 0.001% of the vanilla production in Madagascar. I proudly offer you a great vintage that I discovered in the north-east of Madagascar in the districts of Sambava, Antalaha and Andapa. Here, vanilla has the best conditions to offer you an exceptional product.

    Black Gold Vanilla Tsy Taitry in the kitchen

    In the kitchen, this vanilla from Madagascar finds its place everywhere. Forget vanilla sugar, vanilla flavouring and all those vanilla by-products. Treat yourself to beautiful and generous vanilla beans that will perfume all your dishes. Salty or sweet recipe, no matter what, Black Tsy Taitry vanilla is a real chameleon. It sublimates a scallop dish and revolutionizes a homemade ice cream. It puts you in the shoes of the greatest chefs and other pastry chefs and allows you to impress your guests with unique exotic flavours. If you are a lover of arranged rum, this vanilla from Madagascar is also perfectly recommended. Let it macerate for a long time (at least one month) in a very good white rum at 50°, you will be transported to the islands for an aperitif.

    12 beautiful beans for professionals or for a group purchase

    I propose you to order 12 Black Gold Tsy Taitry vanilla beans. This batch is perfect for professional cooks and pastry chefs who wish to always have this exceptional product on hand. As an individual, why not make a group order? This allows you to get this luxury product at the best price. I have indeed chosen to offer you sliding scale prices. So, if you are surrounded by vanilla lovers, make your selection on my site and treat yourself to different vanillas to compare flavours and understand how Black Tsy Taitry vanilla differs from others.