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2 Vanilla beans Veracruz - Mexico

Main notes: Cocoa, spicy, sweet, confectionery, red fruits.
Quality: 15-17cm - Size L - about 30% humidity - Long maturation.
Origin - Plantations : Veracruz

Subtle notes of chocolate, spices and caramels, beautiful pods less fleshy than the Bourbon vanilla pods, but just as delicious (and even better in aromatic). Tasting this treasure will change your perception of vanilla. Mexican vanilla is a truly exceptional product that deserves to be recognized for its true value

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  • 2 pods
  • 10 gousses

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  • Vanilla from Mexico: discover the original vanilla

    Evoking vanilla from Mexico deserves a little look back at the history of the product. Today, when people talk to you about vanilla, you immediately think of Bourbon vanilla produced in the Indian Ocean or vanilla from Tahiti. Of course, we are talking about great vintages and their subtle aromas are worth looking at. Vanilla from Mexico is much less well known.

    And yet! Mexico is the land of origin of vanilla. It was the Totonaques (the Aztecs came later), an Amerindian people, who cultivated this magnificent product in the states of Vera Cruz and Puebla in particular. In the 16th century, their colonizers, the Spaniards, discovered vanilla and decided to export it to other colonies. The first tests were a failure until a young Reunionese slave, Edmond Albius, discovered the principle of pollination of vanilla. It was then that vanilla from Mexico was forgotten in favour of vanilla from Madagascar, Tahiti or Reunion Island.

    Mexican vanilla is a rare product. But all those who have had the chance to taste it know what an exceptional product they have in their hands. The great chefs are not mistaken and some of them swear by it.

    A simply exceptional vanilla

    If you are a vanilla lover, you will quickly understand why Mexican vanilla is so delicious. It has fine black beans, much less fleshy than those from Madagascar. But make no mistake, this does not diminish its power of seduction on your palate.
    You can recognize powerful and subtle notes at the same time. One perceives this delicate chocolate and spicy aroma with hints of red fruits. Its aromatic palette is so vast that it has enough to make its competitors pale in comparison


    Vanilla cultivation: from orchid to bean

    The orchid is a beautiful flower that we like to admire at home. Did you know that it is one of its varieties that produces vanilla? This ornamental plant, when pollinated, forms fruits: vanilla beans.

    Here's how to fertilize vanilla:

    - Take the tip of the flower and cut out the corolla with a small needle.
    - lift and straighten the pistil which is none other than the female organ.
    - tilt the stamen, the male organ, towards the pistil. The flower is fertilized.

    Pollination is a manual process that requires great care and vigilance. Indeed, the flower wilts after one day. Getting vanilla from Mexico is worth it. In Mexico, the principle of pollination was originally unknown. However, an endemic bee came, itself, to do man's work. That's why the Mexicans were able to enjoy an incredible vanilla before us. As soon as the orchid flower is pollinated, it takes a long time (about 9 months) for the pod to become big enough and ripe enough.

    It is then necessary to pick it and carry out several stages:

    - scalding
    - steaming
    - drying
    - packing
    - grading

    From planting to harvesting, the cultivation of Mexican vanilla is a real work of patience and delicacy, which is what justifies the price of this exceptional product.

    Mexican vanilla in your recipes

    Would you like to discover the subtle aromas of Mexican vanilla? Just split its bean and remove its beautiful black beans. You can also infuse the split bean. With this subtly fragrant vanilla, you'll revolutionize your kitchen.

    Forget about vanillin or vanilla flavouring, vanilla sugar and other vanilla powder. Buying vanilla beans from Mexico will make you discover the true flavors of this product.

    Here are a few ideas for using your vanilla:

    - custard
    - various creams (crème brûlée, etc.)
    - vanilla
    ice cream - vanilla coffee by enclosing the beans in an airtight jar with your coffee
    - arranged
    rum - vanilla flower of salt

    Good to know: vanilla has an interesting sweetening power to exploit. Limit the sugar and replace it with vanilla, your desserts will be lighter and much tastier


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