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2 Bourbon Gold Vanilla Beans 20-22cm XXL - Madagascar

Aromatic: A great vanilla. The most intense of my Bourbon vanilla beans.
Quality: +20cm - Size XXL - Very long traditional refining.
Packaging: Reclosable bag of Bourbon Gold vanilla.

The best of the harvest is here. For some, it will be too expensive but beyond the price, it is a journey, an exceptional vanilla that you buy. Succumb to the subtle taste of my Madagascar vanilla! You will fall under the spell of magnificent fleshy beans of more than 20 cm of Bourbon vanilla.

"The rarest of the harvest of Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar"

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  • 2 pods
  • 10 gousses

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  • A 20 cm vanilla bean to flavour all your preparations

    When it comes to vanilla beans, you can find different sizes on my vanilla online store. This time, I offer you Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar of 20 cm or more. Imagine for a moment opening your parcel to discover these little marvels that will sublimate all your dishes. Imagine the sweet smell of vanilla that will emerge from this package. And what about those split, fleshy beans with beautiful black seeds? It's time to sit down to the table. With this exceptional vanilla, you will be able to treat yourself and your guests. They will be surprised by the notes of cocoa and fruit. They will be amazed by this sweet and exotic flavor that will make them travel the time of a meal.

    With my XXL Bourbon vanilla, prepare the best sweet and savoury dishes. I propose you some ideas to discover or rediscover all the gustatory pleasure that this product of very beautiful quality offers you:

    - vanilla cream (classic cream, custard, custard or crème brûlée)
    - homemade
    vanilla sugar - vanilla
    rum - homemade vanilla ice cream
    - vanilla
    yoghurt - a fruit
    salad - cabbage with vanilla
    whipped cream - monkfish with vanilla - salmon with vanilla cream
    - exotic
    blanquette - vanilla

    It is simply impossible to name all the dishes that you can revolutionize with a simple vanilla bean. Split bean or infused vanilla, it is undoubtedly this ingredient that will give another dimension to your preparation.

    From the vanilla plant to your plate, follow the Bourbon vanilla trail

    My Madagascar XXL Bourbon vanilla of more than 20 cm is a little treasure that comes to us from the end of the world. In the SAVA region, many vanilla trees (a species of orchid) produce tons of vanilla every year. Madagascar represents 80% of the world production. The flowers of the vanilla tree are fertilized to produce very beautiful pods after about 9 months. Then the vanilla is scalded in water at 60-63°. Steaming then consists of placing the beans in blankets in wooden chests. This step allows the beans to lose their skin and to discover this magnificent chocolate colour. Drying is done for several weeks alternating sun and shade. Ripening lasts about 2 to 4 months. The Bourbon vanilla bean is stored in a trunk. A checker makes sure that the beans are in perfect condition, he removes those that are mouldy to preserve the others. This is when the vanilla develops its vanillin content and all its flavours. Finally, the measuring consists in arranging the beans and forming bunches according to size. This is how you can find different sizes, including our famous Madagascar XXL vanilla beans of more than 20 cm.

    Vanilla yes: but only the best of the harvest!

    I propose you a vanilla from Madagascar that I have selected for its quality. My passion for this exceptional product pushes me to find the best producers so that your requirements are met. I continue to explore the planet to go in search of the best vanilla, whether it is from Madagascar, Tahiti, Mexico or Reunion Island, so that you can treat yourself.

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