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40 Bourbon Gold Vanilla Beans 14-15cm M - Madagascar

Main notes : Cacaotée, Gourmand, Caramelized

Quality: Gold Reserve 14-15cm - Size M - 25-30% - Long traditional maturing.

Origin - Plantations: SAVA - Madagascar

Packaging: Resealable bag.

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  • 2 pods
  • 10 gousses
  • 20 gousses
  • 40 gousses

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    When we think of vanilla, we necessarily think of Madagascar. Bourbon vanilla is an appellation that includes several countries: Madagascar, Comoros, Mayotte, Mauritius, Reunion Island. Since the beginning of the 20th century, vanilla has been established in Madagascar. It quickly gained international renown thanks to the quality of its maturing and its aroma. The industry and the great pastry chefs swear by this origin. Although the vanilla industry is going through a difficult period with high prices, the love that consumers have for this vanilla remains intact

    Today, Madagascar is the leading producer of vanilla with 80% of the world's vanilla harvest each year.


    Its aromatic amplitude enchants us, it becomes for some an addiction

    I prefer it in sweet recipes. For example, when I prepare a crème brûlée, a floating island or simply a poached pear. These are quick and easy recipes to show you the quality of your Bourbon vanilla. You will be able to discover all its aromatic amplitude and all its cocoa and dried fruit notes in this type of preparation


    I have always liked trade, travelling and people. When I was 18 years old, I used to go to markets and flea markets to sell pains au chocolat and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla to "make a coin". I was fascinated by the smell of Bourbon vanilla. Every year, I bought some on the internet several times and sold it to customers on weekends.

    I explained and praised to my friends and family the quality of Madagascar, its sensual nose, its cocoa notes. Without knowing it, I had fallen into the pot like Obelix, unlike the magic potion, it was in the world of vanilla.

    When I went to Lille to do my Bac +2, I continued to sell vanilla at the Wazemmes market, at flea markets and in front of the Super U in Breteuil. The two franchisees had let me set up my little table in front of the entrance of their store.

    I went to India for the first time that same year thanks to my savings. There I discovered an extraordinary country, wonderful people and above all the passion of my life: spices and Vanilla


    My first trip to Madagascar was in 2012. I landed in Antananarivo, the capital, and flew to Sambava a few hours later.

    The first sensation is an omnipresent smell of vanilla as soon as you get off the plane.

    The harvests had just been made, the beans were spread out on jute bags in the exporters' yards, in front of some shops along the roads.

    I thought I was dreaming. A dream come true!


    Meeting with my contacts on the spot, women and men who make the magic of this spice all the more magical

    Visiting plantations, producers, collectors, setting up the specifications, discovering the land of vanilla.

    If I managed to get there it was thanks to my customers who trusted me. They were the ones who pushed me to go ahead, who gave me the chance to live my passion 200%.

    Today, Bourbon vanilla is still my first love.

    I have made some wonderful discoveries during my many trips to the plantations, but the first love is the one that takes us to lands that were unknown at the time.

    It then took a lot of perseverance to understand how to improve the quality of my imports.

    Changing partners, finding a team, a woman more precisely who helped me in my apprenticeship, my vanilla sensibility, my selections of the best vintages of Madagascar.

    We can only build a real partnership on the basis of mutual trust.

    After more than 8 years of searching for the world's best vintages, by acquiring a discipline, a know-how, I am able to offer a vanilla from Madagascar that goes off the beaten track.



    If I had to tell you only one thing, it is that Vanilla is my Life. When I sell one of my selections, it's a bit of me that I offer.

    I get samples all year round. I choose from the best batches, the one that makes me "vibrate".

    I do my utmost to ensure that the price of my selections follows the market price, as closely as possible. The quality of my vanilla and spices is my signature. Vanilla beans, vanilla beans on the surface, a very greedy set, ideal to discover the Bourbon vanilla of Madagascar. A refining of several months for a bluffing result in pastries!
    The smaller the size of the vanilla beans, the more beans you will have per kilo. The aromatic will be greedy and vanilla but less precise than a vanilla of a superior size

    *** Madagascar's Bourbon Gold Vanilla

    The best of the harvest, a quality that reaches excellence
    between 28 and 37% humidity (more aromatic amplitude), offers cocoa notes on a buttery-creamy whole. A unique quality and a David Vanille signature.
    Vanilla beans that represent a tiny percentage of the harvest. Always on the lookout for exceptional beans, Gold refining, this quality is for lovers of rare and top-of-the-range products.

    If you wish to indulge yourself, you will be under the spell!


    Click here to know how to preserve your vanilla beans

    To make the most of its aromatic palette, take care to split your bean along its entire length, remove the seeds and incorporate the whole into your recipe.


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