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20 Bourbon Gold Vanilla Beans 14-15cm M - Madagascar

Main notes: Cacaotée, Gourmand, Caramelized

Fining: Gold Reserve 14-15cm - Size M - 25-30% - Long traditional maturing.

Origin - Plantations : SAVA - Madagascar

Packaging: Resealable bag.

20 beautiful vanilla beans from Madagascar for your group orders. Enjoy with your loved ones an exceptional vanilla and discover an aromatic palette simply incomparable.

"Buy smart with my 20 vanilla beans at the best price."

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  • 2 pods
  • 10 gousses
  • 20 gousses
  • 40 gousses

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  • Vanille Bourbon: where do you come from?

    In order to understand vanilla and appreciate it properly, I find it important to know its origin. Vanilla was first exploited by the Mexicans. In the 16th century, the Spaniards colonized Mexico and brought vanilla back to grow it themselves. What they didn't know was that an endemic bee pollinates the flowers and allows the beans to grow. Without pollination, no pods. It took three centuries for Edmond Albius, a Reunionese slave, to discover how to pollinate the vanilla flower, this species of orchid. Originally produced in Reunion Island, vanilla took the name of a French royal family and became the Bourbon vanilla. Today, this appellation is the prerogative of only 5 territories: Madagascar, Reunion Island, Mauritius, Comoros and Seychelles. At present, Madagascar produces 80% of the world's vanilla. It is here, in particular, that I have been able to find an exceptional vanilla and producers as passionate as I am about its bewitching power.

    Bourbon vanilla from the Sava region of Madagascar

    It is more precisely in the region of Sava that I found my fetish producers. This region in the northeast of the island is an extraordinary place that has all the conditions to grow a very high quality 14-15 cm Bourbon Gold vanilla. A perfect latitude, a beautiful combination of heat and humidity, Madagascar has nothing to envy to the other territories that produce vanilla. My vanilla will know how to charm you with its very greedy cocoa notes developed by a long traditional maturing process after being dried in the sun on jute cloths, a beautiful sight worthy of a painting by a great artist. Split to reveal its superb black beans or infused, the Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean offers an incredible aromatic power in all your dishes. A crème brûlée, a homemade yoghurt, a vanilla ice cream, the simplest recipes will be sublimated by this product.

    20 beautiful vanilla beans for a group order

    On my online vanilla shop, I have chosen to offer you various quantities. It is important for me, beyond bringing you a quality product, to adapt myself to the needs of each of you. With 20 vanilla beans, I offer you the possibility to order at the best price, prices being degressive at David Vanille. If you are a big fan of vanilla, 20 beans will be quickly consumed. But I could also understand that some of you were making group orders. You are right, this allows you to take advantage of the best price and share the shipping costs. You would be wrong to deprive yourself. So, this batch of 20 Bourbon Gold vanilla beans from Madagascar of 14-15 cm is perfect if you want to order your vanilla with your friends or family. For a culinary journey around the world, I also sell Papua Tahitensis vanilla per 20 beans.

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