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20 Bourbon Gold Vanilla Beans 13cm S - Madagascar

Quality: 13cm - Size S - 25 to 30% humidity - Long traditional maturing.
Origin - Plantations : SAVA - Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar, Andapa
Packaging : Resealable bag

A beautiful aromatic palette, cocoa and fruity notes, perfectly ripened 13 cm pods, difficult to resist to the Bourbon Gold vanilla from Madagascar. This exceptional vanilla offers you a real gustatory journey beyond the borders

"Place an order with your friends and family and get the best price for 20 vanilla pods"

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  • 2 pods
  • 10 gousses
  • 20 gousses
  • 40 gousses

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  • Bourbon vanilla: a product of the Indian Ocean

    Bourbon vanilla is a specific appellation. Not all vanilla can be Bourbon. Why can't all vanilla be Bourbon? I'll tell you why. Vanilla comes to us from Mexico. When the Spaniards came to colonize the country, they also discovered the vanilla plant and vanilla beans that caught their attention. They decided to export this vanilla to produce it in the Indian Ocean. After several unsuccessful attempts, a Reunionese slave found out how to pollinate vanilla. His production then began in the Indian Ocean. This vanilla was then named Bourbon vanilla as a tribute to the French royal family from Henri IV to Charles X. This appellation is only given to vanilla from Reunion Island, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros and Madagascar. If someone tries to sell you Bourbon vanilla from elsewhere, it is not real quality vanilla.

    Bourbon Gold Vanilla 13 cm from Madagascar: a product full of flavor

    When I chose my Bourbon Gold vanilla from Madagascar, I made sure that it will give you real taste emotions. The result of a long refining process, this vanilla reveals cocoa and fruity notes. It is a marvellous explosion in the mouth that awaits you. And, as soon as you open your parcel, you will be able to appreciate this sweet smell of vanilla that is absolutely inimitable. To take full advantage of the quality of this vanilla, I invite you to incorporate it into all your recipes. Blanquette de la mer, chicken with exotic flavors, cakes, creams, yoghurts, vanilla finds its place everywhere. In a dessert, it brings its subtle flavours and sweetens your recipe in a very delicate way.

    Make a grouped order: buy 20 vanilla beans from Madagascar

    My Bourbon Gold vanilla from Madagascar 13 cm, I chose to sell it by 2, 10, 20 and 40 beans in order to meet all expectations. Here, I offer you 20 beautiful fleshy beans just waiting to be split or infused to perfume your culinary preparations. But what do you do with 20 pods? Some great connoisseurs tend to use vanilla everywhere, so 20 beans won't be too much. But this format can also be adapted to people who want to make a group order. You share the shipping costs and get an excellent quality/price ratio, my prices being degressive according to the quantity purchased.

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