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40 Vanilla Beans Tahitensis +14cm M - Papua New Guinea

Main notes : Wild, spicy, creamy, undergrowth. Finishing notes : Leathery-slippery.

Refining: semi-dry.

Aromatic: An origin that I love!

Size: Gourmet Refined +14cm - Size M

Origin - Plantations: Highlands region.

Packaging : Resealable bag

A high quality wild vanilla. Pods larger than a planifolia species and full of flavour. Refined for several months, my Papua Tahitensis vanilla sold in batches of 40 beans seduces the greatest chefs

"My best price to set a course for Papua vanilla."

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  • 2 pods
  • 10 gousses
  • 20 gousses
  • 40 gousses

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  • Learn more about vanilla Tahitensis

    Vanilla Tahitensis is a species of orchid. It produces the vanilla of Tahiti, but also of Papua New Guinea. It is a hybrid species between vanilla planifolia and vanilla odorata. This vanilla, once ripe, has the particularity of not opening (or very little), which allows it to be picked late so that it takes time to develop all its aromas. It is not uncommon to find a Tahitensis vanilla with a very high level of humidity. I chose to give it time to develop, dry and mature properly, my vanilla +14 cm of Papua thus has a moisture content of 20 to 25%. This product of very beautiful quality has a price. But, as you will see, it takes very little for all your dishes to be sublimated, so it doesn't cost more to buy quality. It has striated and wrinkled black ebony pods and reveals notes of leather, liquorice and asserts its wild and spicy side.

    Use Tahitensis vanilla +14 cm of Papua New Guinea vanilla

    To fully appreciate the aromatic palette of my vanilla Tahitensis, you can use it in two ways. The first is to split the bean. Once split, it reveals magnificent black beans that will bring this inimitable taste to all your savoury and sweet recipes. But you can also choose to infuse the vanilla bean in milk, for example. It is the ideal solution for flavouring your yoghurts and other creams brûlées, custards, etc. It's up to each person to find the best recipe, don't hesitate to test it. If you decide to infuse your vanilla, consider leaving it for a few hours so that it can best flavour your dish.

    40 vanilla beans for great chefs and pastry chefs

    I offer my vanilla Tahitensis in 2, 10, 20 or 40 beans. This time, I'm offering a large quantity, and not without reason. Generally speaking, individuals order small quantities, except when they wish to order in bulk to save money. But I also cater to great chefs and pastry chefs who use my vanilla in various recipes. 40 Tahitensis vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea gives the best value for money to offer their customers exceptional dishes.

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