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2 Vanilla Beans Tahitensis +14cm M - Papua New Guinea

Main notes : Wild, spicy, creamy, undergrowth, leathery-slide.

Sensation : Wild vanilla, refined semi-dry.

Size: Gourmet Refined +14cm - Size M

Origin - Plantations: Highlands.

Packaging: Resealable bag

This vanilla is produced deep in the highlands of Papua. It offers you a real taste journey off the beaten track. Discover my 14 cm Tahitensis vanilla from Papua by simply buying two beans and fall under the spell of its unique flavours.

"The best size for discovering Papua wild vanilla."

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  • 2 pods
  • 10 gousses
  • 20 gousses
  • 40 gousses

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  • 2 vanilla pods to test my Tahitensis +14 cm of Papua

    At David Vanille, you have the choice of quantities. Why is that? Quite simply because I have judged that each consumer is unique and that all requirements must be met. While some make group orders or wish to have stock, others buy more reasonably or choose a batch of two pods to test the product. Just because I praise my 14 cm Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea doesn't mean you'll love it. Perhaps you will prefer Mexican vanilla, Tahitian vanilla or simply the famous Bourbon vanilla. When it comes to taste, there is no universality, and this is what makes all the charm of gastronomy.

    Papua New Guinea: one of the world's best vanilla producers

    Finally, only a few countries in the world produce vanilla. This exceptional product, which comes to us from Mexico, is now 80% produced in Madagascar. Other countries are struggling to make a place for themselves, such as Papua New Guinea. And, let's face it, it did well to take up the challenge. With this refined vanilla Tahitensis, I suggest you discover notes of leather and liquorice, undergrowth and spices. It will be perfect in all your sweet and savoury dishes. Over the years, my collectors and producers have perfectly understood how to grow vanilla in the right way. They respect this luxury product and treat it with the utmost care in order to offer us the highest quality beans. This vanilla produced deep in the Highlands offers you a real taste journey off the beaten track.

    A few words on the cultivation of vanilla

    Papua meets all the climate and soil requirements for growing vanilla. Ideally, vanilla is produced between 10 and 20° latitude, it appreciates high humidity and a location between sun and shade. The vanilla plant is a kind of climbing orchid that will develop after a few years to offer magnificent pods. These are ripe about 9 months after pollination of the flowers. Then, the pods are scalded, steamed, dried and placed in wooden trunks to be refined. My vanilla Tahitensis +14 cm is the product of a long and beautiful maturing of several months to reveal all its most beautiful flavours.

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