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3 Black Gold Vanilla Beans Tsy Taitry - Madagascar

Main notes: fruity, caramelized, bewitching.
Aromatic: A rare vanilla, with a powerful nose and "off the beaten track" which represents a tiny part of the harvest of Madagascar (about 0.001%)

Quality: Luxury +17cm - long maturation - Harvest 2018
Use: It works wonders in desserts, savoury dishes (such as scallops with vanilla) and arranged rums.
Origin - Plantations : Sambava, Antalaha, Andapa
terroir Packaging : Resealable bag.

"Beautiful, very beautiful! Indulge yourself, be impressed"

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  • One pod
  • 2 pods
  • 3 vanilla pods
  • 6 gousses

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    Discovered in 2012 during my first trip to Madagascar, it was my most beautiful memory of the country's plantations. I had traded a few kilos of it in a village in the Andapa region. This quality is really exceptional and represents a tiny part of Madagascar's vanilla harvest. On the spot, I was surprised to see that nobody was interested in this variety. The producers had explained to me that there were no buyers for this type of vanilla. Volumes were tiny and only some plantations had a few vanilla trees.

    This very wide vanilla, with an "out of the ordinary" size, was used at the time to make woven vanilla-based objects. It seemed incredible to me that no one was interested in this variety. In the course of research, I was able to understand that it was the result of a "back-cross" between the variety vanilla planifolia (widely distributed worldwide) and the variety vanilla pompona, which is mainly found in the West Indies and Mexico. The result of this first hybrid was then "back-crossed" again with a variety planifolia. It seems that the cultivar Vaitsy from Costa Rica could also be of the same hybrid strain, which is remarkable



    This vanilla is a vanilla for my customers in search of rare products. When you discover this quality for the first time, you fall under the spell. Visually it looks like no other vanilla. From the planifolia plant (75% of its genetic line), it has the length of the most beautiful vanilla beans of the harvest and an overall fruity nose. Veins appear along its pod like the bark of a tree. The pompona variety (25% of its genetic line) gives it its aromatic power that goes off in olfactory fireworks! Its fruity and caramelized notes can easily be perceived as soon as the packet is opened. The more complex base notes of leather and coumarin give it its suave and wild richness.

    While some people take particular care when tasting great wines, I bring the same passion when I discover new batches of vanilla. As the harvest progresses, depending on the region of production and the know-how of the producer-processor, a vanilla will be completely different. We can then find beans of the same variety but with an opposite aromatic profile. This observation is valid for all the vanilla beans and spices that I offer, the fruit of my research and partnerships. The result is a quality that "goes off the beaten track", an aromatic amplitude that allows us to take our recipes and our senses on a journey.

    My eyes sparkle when I look at it. I go on a trip to the plantations of Madagascar when I take a look at its aromatic profile.
    This vanilla is so singular, so rare. When you treat yourself to it, you allow yourself to discover a vintage, an exceptional grand cru.



    If you like to use natural vanilla in your cooking recipes, 2 to 4 cm of vanilla will replace a planifolia vanilla bean. To discover it, I invite you to make a vanilla syrup - long conservation. This recipe will allow you to use it easily in your desserts and keep it handy when you're entertaining.

    In a vanilla rum arrangement for your pastries (pancakes, crème brûlée, chocolate mousse) or simply as an aperitif. For a 1 litre bottle of white rum 50°C, provide a Black Gold Tsy taitry vanilla bean. Maceration 1 month minimum without adding sugar.

    To prepare a sauce that will accompany your fish or meat. You can infuse 3 cm of a Black Gold vanilla bean in 20 cl of fresh cream with 2 g of salt. This base can be improved with a mixture of curry spices or some herbs. Infuse at low temperature (70°C) for 15 minutes. It's simple and so delicious.

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