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20 Tahitian Vanilla beans - Black Pearl

Quality: 13-15cm - Size M - 35 to 40% humidity - Long traditional maturing.
Origin - Plantations : French Polynesia, Tahaa Island, Raiatea and Huahiné.
Packaging : Resealable bag.

Treat yourself to a wonderful trip to the islands while eating. Tahitian vanilla is a rare product whose flavors will leave you breathless. Let yourself be tempted by this pack of 20 beans to be consumed alone or to buy with your friends and family.

"Luxury arrives on your plate with this Tahitian vanilla at the best quality/price ratio"

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  • 20 pods

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  • Vanille de Tahiti: who are the privileged vanilla producers?

    Vanilla is grown using vanilla trees, which are orchid species. This plant develops beautiful flowers that need to be pollinated, either manually or with the help of pollinating insects. There are different types of vanilla trees depending on the vanilla you want to obtain and the region in which it is grown. The vanilla that I am proposing to you today comes from two species of orchids, namely: Vanilla Planifolia and Vanilla Tahitensis. The latter is mainly grown in Tahiti, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. These two species benefit, in French Polynesia, from extraordinary climatic conditions to develop in the best possible way. However, production is not important in Tahiti, we are far from Madagascar which has now become the queen island of vanilla. It is a great pity that Tahitian vanilla production is so confidential. This magnificent product promises you a nice taste surprise. My Tahiti Black Pearl vanilla with its 13-15 cm pods is a real treasure with its biscuity notes that evoke both gingerbread and Speculoos. It surprises with its sweet and feminine aniseed and greedy notes.

    Tahitian Vanilla: a luxury product

    Tahitian vanilla is a rare product. And when you say rare, you mean expensive. My Black Pearl vanilla is therefore more expensive than its competitors. But it's also the price of quality. I made the choice to offer you this vanilla in spite of everything, because I am convinced of its capacity to seduce you. And, after all, vanilla is a product that comes at a price, as we all know. Of course, it is possible to buy cheap vanilla in supermarkets, but what about quality? Does it develop the same aromas, the same flavours? Does it have a complex nose? Do you use one or more beans so that your recipes really have that subtle vanilla taste you're looking for? Under what conditions was it produced? Are the producers fairly remunerated? These are all questions that I think are fundamental to ask before buying vanilla. I am passionate about vanilla, I consider it to be a truly exceptional product. As such, I think it is important to focus on quality and on producers who work according to the rules of the trade, not skipping any essential step or speeding up the production process. I love my Tahiti Black Pearl vanilla, and I hope you will too.

    How to consume Tahitian vanilla?

    This Tahitian vanilla is a pure gustatory wonder. With a moisture content of 35 to 40%, it offers beautiful, fleshy and oily beans that contain magnificent black beans full of flavour. Split your vanilla bean, gather its seeds and flavour all your desserts. Feel like savouring a homemade vanilla ice cream? Do you like to make your own yoghurts? Are you a fan of vanilla macaroons or pastry flans? This Tahitian vanilla will give another dimension to your desserts. But you will also love it in savoury dishes. Its exotic flavors blend perfectly with fish, imagine for a moment a vanilla sea sauerkraut, it's simply sublime.

    20 pods to share the pleasures

    I offer you here a batch of 20 vanilla beans. My prices being degressive, it is the best quality/price ratio for this luxury product. To enjoy it, why not make a group order with your friends and family? You are certainly numerous around you to love vanilla and to want to discover this exceptional product.

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