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12 Tahitian Vanilla beans - Black Pearl

Quality: 14-16cm - Size M - 35 to 40% humidity - Long traditional maturing.
Origin - Plantations : French Polynesia, Tahaa Island, Raiatea and Huahiné.
Packaging : Resealable bag.

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  • One pod
  • 2 pods
  • 6 gousses
  • 12 gousses

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  • Tahitian Vanilla: an exceptional product

    When we think of vanilla, we immediately think of the delicious Bourbon vanilla produced on Reunion Island or Madagascar in particular. And yet, less known, but just as fabulous in taste, Tahitian vanilla has nothing to envy its competitor. Bourbon vanilla is not produced in Tahiti. In fact, only the countries of the Indian Ocean can obtain this appellation. But no matter what, you will see when you taste this exceptional product, the name does not make the quality. I have travelled a lot around the world in search of the best vanilla. In the course of my travels, I had the chance to discover French Polynesia, especially Tahiti. This island full of magic with its breathtaking landscapes and unique beaches holds a treasure: its vanilla. Go to the markets of Papeete to admire teaser stalls with magnificent vanilla beans. Their appearance, their smell, everything makes you want to. On the island of Taha'a, the vanilla market is held every month. A real paradise for amateurs. The island offers the best climatic conditions for this product to develop. Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla planifolia are produced here. The pods of the former ripen on a liana. The pods of the latter are picked before maturity and are steamed. Two methods, but always an outstanding quality. Tahitian vanilla is one of the most expensive in the world. Why is that? Quite simply because it is produced in smaller quantities than Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Rarity makes the price, it is known. Today, great chefs such as Guy Savoy themselves confess to being bewitched by the power and refinement of this very high quality product.

    Tahitian vanilla culture: what you need to know

    As we mentioned, in Tahiti, two cultures are practiced. While Vanilla tahitensis is picked ripe with its beautiful brown pods, Vanilla planifolia follows a different process. It requires very meticulous work to reach its full potential. During production, each pod is massaged to blend its aromatic components. From the cultivation of the orchid that produces this wonderful vanilla to the harvesting and the care given to the beans, everything is done to offer you a great vintage.

    Preserving your Tahitian vanilla bean

    Madagascar vanilla, Reunionese vanilla or Tahitian vanilla, whatever product you have bought, you must take the greatest care of it. A good preservation is the sine qua non condition for your vanilla to develop all its aromas and enhance your dishes in the best way. If there are various ways of preserving vanilla, we suggest that you place it in an airtight jar with an alcohol base. It will keep all its properties.

    Why is tasting Tahitian vanilla so important?

    Because it is excellent! The quality of Tahitian vanilla is no longer to be proven. But that's not all. This rare product is also a natural antidepressant, a low-calorie product that allows you to sweeten while keeping your figure and a partner in your digestion. A good and healthy product, why do without it?

    Tahitian vanilla in your kitchen

    You are used to powdered vanilla, vanilla sugar, vanilla flavors, you will be surprised by Tahitian vanilla. Its fleshy pods, its aromatic palette, everything is made so that you can't do without its small black beans.
    You can split its beans and infuse this fragrant vanilla to flavor your dishes.

    Here are a few ideas for using Tahitian vanilla:

    - homemade
    vanilla ice cream - arranged
    rum - desserts
    - coconut
    flank - liqueur
    - homemade
    spice mix - caramel
    cream - custard



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