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Maté, the national caffeinated beverage, originated mainly in Paraguay, southern Brazil and Argentina. With its slightly smoky, spicy and tangy flavor, enhanced by beautiful fruity notes, mate offers a taste experience reminiscent of the strength of a full-bodied green tea. This tea is made from the green leaves of a species of holly, which has also earned it the evocative nicknames of "drink of the gods" or "green gold of the Indians".

Mate is much more than just a drink. It's a true cultural heritage and a passion shared by local populations for generations. Its unique flavor and stimulating properties have made it a preferred choice for those seeking a refined, energizing experience.

When you taste mate, you'll be seduced by its complex character and unique palette of flavors. Lightly smoky, spicy notes blend harmoniously with subtle acidity, while delicate fruity notes add a touch of freshness to every sip.

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