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The wild cherry aroma that delicately envelops the black tea is a symphony of intense, fruity flavors. It evokes fresh cherries plucked at their peak, with a hint of tartness that brings balance and complexity to every sip.

As you sip this tea, you'll discover a perfect harmony between the robustness of black tea and the natural sweetness of Morello cherries. The warm, full-bodied notes of black tea are softened by the sweetness of Morello cherries, creating a perfect balance of flavors.

When you look closely at your cup, you'll see pieces of Morello cherry carefully integrated, adding a visually appealing touch. Freeze-dried sour cherries, both decorative and appetizing, add an extra dimension to the taste experience.

The resulting liqueur is ofexceptional finesse. Its velvety texture and full body deliver a pleasant, satisfying mouthfeel. You'll feel theexplosion of flavors from the very first sip, with notes of ripe, juicy cherry blending harmoniously with the deep character of black tea.

Ingredients: Black tea, cherry pieces (different varieties), flavorings.

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