Green tea - Gyokuro Asahi

Japan Rare and high-end

Gyokuro Asahi Green Tea, a Japanese rarity of the first order, is also known by the evocative name of "pearl dew" or "noble dewdrops". For the sake of excellence, the tea bushes are grown in the shade of majestic deciduous trees, and two weeks before harvesting, they are carefully covered with bamboo mats.

The leaves are remarkably fine and regular, with a dark green, slightly shiny color, testifying to their exceptional quality. Their noble, powerful fragrance, delicately nuanced with a subtle sweetness, captivates the senses from the moment you approach them.

Gyokuro Asahi leaves can be infused two or three times, offering a gradual exploration of its rich flavours. Patience is rewarded with an infusion of unparalleled depth. A longer infusion time releases the full aromas and unique characteristics of this exceptional tea.

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Rare and high-end