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Herbal tea - Altitude - Mount Olympus

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Imagine yourself at the top of the highest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus, with a mug of Altitude herbal tea in your hand, facing a breathtaking landscape. Greenery, rocks, clouds and enchanting flavors, that's all it takes to live a magical moment and recharge your batteries. Forget everything for the time of a tasting and go to discover the most majestic peaks of the world.

Composition : aronia, lemon balm, moringa, mint, Greek tea from Mount Olympus, eucalyptus, spirulina, apples, spruce needle oil, mulberry leaves.

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Altitude herbal tea: meeting at the peak of gustatory pleasure

This Altitude herbal tea offers you a new perspective on infusions. Take a step up and enjoy an herbal tea made with aronia berries, lemon balm leaves, moringa, mint, eucalyptus leaves, Mount Olympus Greek tea, peppermint leaves, blueberry leaves, mulberry leaves, apple, spirulina, and spruce needle oil.

What are the flavors of Altitude herbal tea?

This Altitude herbal tea offers incredible flavors, full of freshness thanks to the mint leaves, of pep with the lemony taste of the lemon balm and of sweetness with the apple. Tasting my Altitude herbal tea is truly a unique taste experience.

Food and tea: David Vanille's pairings

This fresh Altitude herbal tea will go perfectly with a soft and melting chocolate cake. I also suggest you to taste it with Breton cakes with a good taste of sugar or palets, a simple and straightforward taste like the one of my infusion.

The virtues of Altitude herbal tea

This Altitude herbal tea is as healthy for you as the mountain air. Lemon balm relieves bloating and liver pain. It also helps to reduce tension to gain serenity. Spirulina is a green microalgae, a 100% natural and very healthy product that provides you with nutrients and especially iron. It is simply one of the foods of vegetable origin the richest in iron. It also helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Aronia berry effectively protects your cardiovascular system and reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

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