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Herbal tea - Providence

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This herbal tea is providential. It arrives at the right moment to bring you a moment of gustatory delicacy. Drop everything and simply enjoy this herbal tea with unique flavors that will not fail to surprise you. Do you like frank and subtle tastes at the same time? You will love this Providence herbal tea to be enjoyed hot or cold according to the season.

Composition : orange peel, lemongrass, apple, fennel, ginger, carrot, eucalyptus, cinnamon, verbena, black pepper, blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, basil, lavender, beet, flower petals.

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Providence herbal tea: a surprising blend that you won't find anywhere else

My Providence herbal tea is composed of apple, fennel, ginger, orange peel, lemongrass, carrot flakes, eucalyptus leaves, cinnamon pieces, lemon verbena, yellow rosebuds, blackberry leaves, black pepper, rose petals, raspberry leaves, marigold flowers, basil, lavender flowers, red beet. A surprising and explosive mixture.

What are the flavors of Providence herbal tea?

It is difficult to describe the flavors of this Providence herbal tea, it is a real experience that you must live to understand the subtlety of the association of tastes. My Providence herbal tea cannot be explained, it must be experienced. Let yourself be tempted by this blend in which all nature has come together to delight you.

Food and tea: David Vanille's agreements

The profusion of flavors contained in this herbal tea makes it an infusion to be enjoyed with a multitude of small sweets. I can suggest a delicious homemade chocolate mousse that will perfectly match the lemon, orange and red fruit flavors. Basil will find its place with a strawberry pie or a strawberry patch, depending on your desires. A fruit tiramisu will also be ideal for a tender and sweet moment. And if you are not inspired, leave it to chance, you may find the perfect match.

The virtues of Providence herbal tea

This Providence herbal tea is a real treat for the taste buds, but it actually goes further in taking care of you. The marigold flower acts effectively on your immune system and soothes inflammation of the throat and mouth. Cinnamon has antibacterial properties and works favorably on the digestive system. Forget about bloating and acid reflux with my infusion. The raspberry leaf is antispasmodic, it is perfect to relieve painful periods and stimulate fertility.

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