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Take care of yourself and think about yourself with this method which is essentially derived from Buddhist meditation. Relax and think of nothing else but yourself. Breathe slowly, soothe yourself and simply enjoy your infusion.

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Mindfulness tea: for a meditative and greedy moment

Mindfulness is the concept of focusing on the present moment. In short, with my Mindfulness tea, I invite you to forget everything for the time of a tasting and to focus on yourself for a salutary introspection. My Mindfulness tea is composed of apple pieces, blackberry leaves, raisins, orange peel, safflower, mint, lemon-myrtle (lemon myrtle), lemon peel, nettle leaves, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, cornflower petals, marigold flower and rose petals. A real cocktail of softness, relaxation and benefits for your body and mind. Indulge yourself at any time of the day with this herbal tea Pleine Conscience.

What are the flavors of the Mindfulness herbal tea?

The flavors of this tea are full of subtlety. The sweetness of the apple and the strawberry, the pep of the lemon, the light acidity of the blackberry, the mentholated flavors, everything participates to a pleasure tasting which will delight your taste buds and your mind.

Food and tea: David Vanille's pairings

You can drink this tea without any accompaniment, for the simple pleasure of warming your body and soothing your mind. But you can also accentuate the pleasure with a gourmet tasting. With a slice of chocolate fudge, this tea will be simply perfect. Chocolate goes perfectly with orange, lemon and mint. A lemon tiramisu will also be ideal with this light and gourmet infusion. Another suggestion, an apple and chocolate pie, for a comforting moment.

The virtues of the Pleine Conscience herbal tea

This herbal tea is composed of many ingredients that are perfect for your health. Let's start with the nettle, a plant with a thousand virtues. This remineralizing plant is perfect for people suffering from osteoporosis, tendonitis, sprain or rheumatism. Mint helps to fight against digestive problems and bad breath, but also against colds. Good for the liver, it helps to eliminate toxins. Finally, the mulberry leaf is used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It participates in the reduction of cholesterol and decreases the transformation of sugar into glucose.

Composition : Myrtle, mulberry leaves, apples, orange peel, raisins, mint, nettle leaves, strawberry pieces, flower petals.

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