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LOVE herbal tea is a gustatory declaration of love. Its varied flower petals bring sweetness to your tasting.

100g of this exceptional herbal tea = 50 cups

Infusion temperature: 100°
Infusion time: between 7 and 10 minutes
Composition: wild flowers and leaves, blackberries, rose, raspberry, lavender, red beet, carrot, cinnamon, verbena, ginger.
Ideal moment for the tasting: after a good meal in love to facilitate the digestion and to prepare itself to a beautiful night of sleep

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LOVE herbal tea: put love in your infusions

LOVE herbal tea is a declaration of love to all herbal tea lovers. All in tenderness and delicacy, this herbal tea is to be enjoyed alone... or with a partner for a moment of sweetness and sharing. Throughout the winter, by the fire, this herbal tea offers you a unique moment of tasting. Composed of apple pieces, heather flowers, silver linden flowers, aromas (rhubarb and cherry), marigold flowers, mallow flowers, safflower and peony petals, this herbal tea is like a bouquet of flowers that we offer on Valentine's Day... the visual less, the taste more. As for the scent of this L.O.V.E. herbal tea, like a bouquet of flowers, it tickles your nostrils and gives you a feeling of country sweetness. In short, you will fall in love with my L.O.V.E. herbal tea.

What are the flavors of LOVE herbal tea?

This L.O.V.E. herbal tea, as you will have understood, offers floral and natural flavors full of sweetness, all enhanced by the aromas of rhubarb and cherry that will enchant you for a while.

Food and tea: David Vanille's pairings

If we talk about love, we automatically think of chocolate, this delicacy reputed to be an aphrodisiac. So why not accompany your L.O.V.E. herbal tea with a delicious chocolate pouring heart that will bring greed and roundness to this tasting? You can also accompany this herbal tea with a delicious rhubarb pie that will recall the aroma of your infusion to combine sweetness and light acidity.

The virtues of LOVE herbal tea

This L.O.V.E. herbal tea is a little concentrate of benefits with its flowers. The peony is a flower that cannot be simply admired. In your herbal tea, in the form of petals, it brings its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory virtues. It is also known for its ability to reduce stress. The marigold has soothing virtues, it is perfect to fight against menstrual disorders in particular. It also relieves digestive disorders, your L.O.V.E. tea will be perfect after a meal. The lime tree favors sleep. If you encounter sleep problems, this tea will be the ally of your sweet nights.

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