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The Detox Energy infusion is a little jewel to consume to purify your body or to bring you that little boost that will revolutionize your day

Infusion temperature: 100°
Infusion time: between 7 and 10 minutes
Composition: cardamom, cinnamon, liquorice, coriander, fennel, ginger, rose petals.
Ideal moment for tasting: At any time of the day and more particularly after a heavy meal

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Energy Detox Infusion: purify your body with a delicious infusion

Your body is precious and you must preserve it. What if I told you that I had the solution to detoxify it without depriving you? Thanks to the Détox Énergie infusion, you will finally treat yourself while purifying your body. You need to find energy and strength? I found for you the ideal association. My Detox Energy infusion is composed of cinnamon pieces, whole cardamom, licorice root, coriander, fennel, ginger pieces and rose petals. After parties and weekends with friends, a detox infusion will cleanse your body to feel lighter. During the day, when you feel tired, this infusion will bring you the necessary tonus to start again. This infusion can be drunk hot or cold according to your desires of the moment. You can even prepare cocktails and mix it with rum, vodka or gin for a moment of conviviality while taking care of yourself.

What are the flavors of the Detox Energy infusion?

The aniseed flavors of fennel, the power of licorice and the sweetness of cinnamon make this infusion a real explosion in the mouth. Very fragrant, this infusion offers you a real journey to the land of flavors.

Food and tea: David's Vanilla pairings

This Detox Energy infusion can be enjoyed with a licorice truffle to recall the roots present in your drink. This truffle flavor is unusual and yet, it is simply delicious. We can imagine, for a snack, savoring this Detox Energy infusion with a citrus fruit cake which, this time, will boost the flavors of your infusion. Another suggestion: a cake with ginger and candied lemon to bring even more pep to your infusion and regain energy.

The virtues of the Detox Energy infusion

The Detox Energy infusion is composed of natural ingredients that are very healthy for your body. Fennel is an ingredient rich in antioxidants and vitamin C for a real boost. Orange is also rich in vitamin C and low in calories. The zests present in this infusion will bring you energy while offering you a subtle taste. Licorice is the best ally of your digestion, an unavoidable detox ingredient. Its satiating effect makes it a perfect ally of your diet if you want to purify your body.

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