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Black Tea - Golden Harvest 2021

China Grand Cru

A black tea of exceptional quality. It was harvested at the end of March and beginning of April at an altitude of about 2000 meters in the mountains of Yunnan. Its privileged environment with a cool climate and surrounded by forests gives it a unique character. The morning mist that settles on the leaves of this plantation facilitates the growth of its tea plants which are "pampered" by their producers.

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Sensations - Tasting: Visually, we discover a finely twisted leaf that reminds us of blond tobacco, a very strong dominance of golden buds. The notes are intense, malty and spicy (Kampot black pepper, hint of nutmeg). The liqueur offers coppery reflections.

100g = 50 cups of this exceptional tea

T40 270173

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Grand Cru