Rare Tea - Da Hong Pao Oolong

China COUP DE FOUDRE David Vanille

This Grand Cru is a roasted Oolong. It is the most famous Yancha "Rock Tea" in China. Known as the "Big Red Dress", this prestigious harvest comes to us from the hills of the Wu-Yi Mountains, in the Fujian province. It is also known as "Artisan Tea" in China. Indeed, these rare harvests with a long history are preserved and idolized.

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How to express with accuracy the effect that this type of Grand Cru offers us in mouth? How to describe a Pétrus ?

Sensations - Tasting : Roasted (toasted bread) and slightly buttered background. We find notes of apricots (reminiscent of our Osmanthus flower), spicy (Zeylanicum cinnamon). The whole gives a glimpse of magnificent floral notes. The texture seduces us with a slight astringency associated with a honeyed sweetness (muscatel). The infusion sparkles and offers coppery reflections. The ruby colored liquor assures us a long and almost languorous pleasure. A tea of exceptional depth, with a full body. A real MOBILE BLOW.

Temperature - Time : 75°c / 3 minutes.

100g = 50 cups of this exceptional tea

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COUP DE FOUDRE David Vanille