Rare Black Tea - Hong Cha "Golden Lily

Thaïland Rare and Fascinating Tea

This "Grand Cru" tea comes from the Northern province of Chiang Rai, plantations of the Golden Triangle. Shady ancient tea bushes, constant rainfall and warm temperatures provide the best conditions for the cultivation of this rare tea. The name of the tea plant used is "Jing Shuan" or "Golden Lily", which gives the tea its special and unique character.

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The freshly picked leaves are left in the open air for about 18 hours to wilt and ferment, then the tea is rolled and fermented for another 4-5 hours. After drying, the "Hong Cha" can finally show its exceptional format: teak-colored leaf, long twisted and very well defined.

An infusion with a caramel-fruity bouquet, an iridescent amber cup, very aromatic, extremely smooth on the palate with light notes of honey and prune.

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Rare and Fascinating Tea