Black and Green Tea - Erotic - Peach, Cocoa, Rose


A colourful and complex creation, the result of a blend of black tea and Yunnan green tea. Its slightly cocoa notes accompany the sweetness of its fruity and floral amplitude. A carnal tea, ideal for the day.

Composition: Yunnan black tea, Yunnan green tea, aromas, rose petals, sunflowers.
Infusion time: 3 minutes to 3 minutes 45.
Infusion temperature: 90°c
Dosage: 10g/litre

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Black and green tea - Erotic - cocoa, peach and rose scented: awaken your senses

I named this tea "erotic" for a simple reason. Eroticism is a set of phenomena that affect and awaken the senses. And with this Yunnan green and black tea, the senses are indeed in action!

When you open your tea bag, you will smell that sweet peach sc ent that is reminiscent of iced peach drinks. I invite you to close the bag and open it again one or two days later. This time, it is the cocoa that comes to the fore. Your sense of smell is stimulated by this tea, which is scented in different ways. This is reminiscent of the Gong Fu Cha fashion that reveals different flavours when you brew the same tea 2 or 3 times.

Let's talk about taste, the second sense awakened by this "erotic" tea . Here again, this tea appeals with its complex and sweet flavours. There is a comforting aspect with the chocolate and a stimulating, even exciting aspect with the peach.

Your senses are in action? Let's talk about touch. This time you have to use your imagination. All the eroticism is in the peach and in its carnal side. Just imagine what it feels like to be touched by such soft, pleasant peach skin.

And what about rose petals? This symbol par excellence of eroticism and seduction, these rose petals that we sow in a room with candles to awaken once again the senses of his partner. Taste this tea "by closing your eyes and let yourself be carried by the magic of this moment.

That's what my erotic tea is all about, stimulating the senses and giving pleasure from the moment you open the bag to the moment you taste it.

What are the flavours of "erotic" scented black and green tea?

This tea is full of complexity due to the presence of various ingredients. I played with the strength of the black tea and the sweetness of the green tea, which at times reminds one of mown grass. To this tea, I added peach, cocoa and rose aromas, an original combination, but one that works perfectly. The cocoa comforts the palate while the peach and rose bring fruity and floral notes for a smooth tasting, like a beautiful erotic moment.

Black tea with peach, cocoa and rose: from the plantation to the cup

I propose here a blend of green and black tea. These two products are different for a simple reason: they do not undergo the same processing. Yunnan tea comes from China, more precisely from a region located in the south of the country. The tea leaves grow on beautiful tea trees in the highlands of Yunnan.

It is after plucking that the difference in processing occurs between black tea and green tea. The latter is placed in a steam bath or in metal basins to stop oxidation before being rolled and dried.

Black tea is an oxidized tea. Oxidation is a natural phenomenon that is simply achieved. The tea leaves are placed on racks for 18 to 32 hours at a temperature between 20 and 24°, this is the withering stage. The black tea is then placed in an oxidation room and heated to reduce its humidity.

Food and tea: David Vanille's pairings

For theeroticism to be at its peak with my peach, cocoa and rose scented tea, I imagine it perfectly paired with an aphrodisiac ingredient: chocolate. Imagine yourself, in the middle of winter, sitting by the fire with your partner, enjoying this tea with a delicious chocolate fudge. All your senses are once again perfectly awake..

Vanilla is also said to have aphrodisiac properties. Make a vanilla dessert with the beans that you will have delicately taken from a fleshy bean.

Advice on preparing and enjoying your Yunnan black and green tea with peach, cocoa and rose

Infusion temperature: 90°
Infusion time: between 3 minutes and 3 minutes 45
Dosage: 10 g per litre of water
Ideal moment for tasting: throughout the day

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