Freeze-dried garlic - China

David Vanille's opinion: A great classic of cuisines from all over the world, at your disposal at any time to prepare all types of dishes, from the simplest to the most refined.

Food pairing: Mayonnaise, white meats, legumes, lamb, seafood, vegetables

Packaging: 40 gr
Other names: Allium sativum
Origin - Plantations: China

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    Who can claim not to know the typical smell and taste of garlic? This aromatic plant is an integral part of many recipes, traditions and legends. Let me tell you the history of Garlic and, above all, bring you some ideas to use it optimally in your small and large dishes!

    Garlic is a variety of perennial vegetable plant with bulbs that are easily recognizable by their smell and taste. It is commonly used as a condiment in cooking around the world, but it can also be a food in its own right. We can see in one of the following paragraphs that it is even considered as an "alicament" as it is so full of health-promoting powers.

    This plant is rather easy to grow and grows as a bulb in any type of environment, reaching 50 to 120 cm. The "head" is consumed, which will be composed of several pods.

    In France, garlic is harvested at the end of the summer, after having proceeded with "knotting" which makes it possible to finish the maturity of the plant on the ground.

    Did you know that Garlic is the 28th most consumed vegetable in France and that it is eaten at a rate of nearly 1 kilo per year and per household.

    I have chosen to offer you this condiment in its freeze-dried form, which allows you to have Garlic at your disposal at any time while enjoying all its flavours.



    Garlic is a plant that has been consumed for thousands of years throughout the world. It is highly appreciated, especially in France, to the point of becoming an integral part of French culinary traditions.

    The great talent of this condiment is to sublimate all types of dishes, whether used raw or cooked, while contributing to your overall physical well-being.

    Garlic can be used in chopped, whole, shirt, slices, as many possibilities that will allow you to use it in your raw or cooked dishes. It can be cooked rather well as long as it is integrated in a sauce, or a cooking juice.

    In its freeze-dried version, you only need to sprinkle the equivalent of half a teaspoon on your preparation to enjoy its full range of aromas.


    Whether you want to remember these little corners of Provence with their sunny flavours or to give all its splendour to a traditional simmered dish, Garlic will perfectly add its touch of seasoning to your cuisine. Use it at any time during your meal to enhance each of your dishes.

    Prepare a festive aperitif around the Garlic :

    And if to give a Provençal look to your aperitif, you could suggest some specialities to spread (anchovy, tapenade, tomato confit,...) having taken care to sprinkle a little garlic on your toast beforehand grilled and seasoned with a light dash of extra virgin olive oil. Among these spreads, offer a delicious Hummus that you have seasoned with the same Garlic, or some Filled Mushrooms with fresh cheese and seasoned with Garlic and Parsley.

    As an appetizer, to whet your guests' appetite :

    L'Ail knows how to season the simplest and most elaborate dishes. Offer as an appetizer some Provençal Tomatoes, or the season is rather autumnal, a delicious Poêlée of Fresh Mushrooms from your return from the harvest. To stay in the southern traditions, have your guests taste an Aïoli according to the rules of the art to accompany some raw or cooked vegetables or a cold fish.

    For your meat and fish dishes :

    Make delicious stews or grilled dishes with winged flavours. What could be better than a tasty Navarrin d'Agneau with garlic, or a Carrot Beef with Garlic Seasoning. Among the traditional dishes often enjoyed during family meals on Sundays, we find Garbure Béarnaise deliciously garlic. For fish lovers, Chef Robuchon offers you a dish of Saint-Pierre, in its juice with the aromas of Provence... Mmmm ! And for more summery flavours, Chef Ducasse suggests Spaghetti with clams, a herbaceous marinière.

    To enhance your vegetables :

    Whether it's raw vegetables, steamed vegetables (such as a delicious Garlic or Garlic Seasoned Vinaigrette), or a pan-fried early vegetables, Garlic will give strength and vigour to your vegetable dishes. Prepare a delicious potato casserole in the style of Alain Ducasse, or a tasty Ratatouille that will not be able to do without the typical flavours of garlic.


    Used for its nutritional and medicinal values, for 5 millennia, Garlic has its origins in the plains of Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan. It then spread to the Chinese regions before reaching the Mediterranean basin

    Herodotus reportedly mentioned that the first social conflict in history was caused by the suppression of the garlic ration usually granted to Egyptian workers in charge of building the Cheops Pyramid.

    Its medicinal values were quickly recognized, which is why garlic was prescribed to Greek athletes (because of its vasodilation properties), Roman soldiers in the field, and, according to Virgil, to reapers during the great heat, to give them strength and vigour.

    In other cultures, it could also be misunderstood (particularly because of its organoleptic power during ingestion, such as digestion). Thus, in 1330, the King of Castile Alfonso set up an order that indicated that any knight who ingested garlic could not appear at court or exchange with other knights for a minimum of one month.

    It is notably through the Romans that Garlic will be introduced in France, and it will mark each region by its taste and smell which will be associated with the local culinary tradition.

    But it is in Provence that Garlic has made its letters of nobility. Alexandre Dumas even says "The air in Provence is impregnated with a garlic scent that makes it very healthy to breathe: it is the main condiment used in bouillabaisse and in the main sauces. We make it, crushed with oil, a kind of mayonnaise that we eat with fish and snails. The lunch of the Provençal people of the lower classes, often consists of a crust of bread, sprinkled with oil and rubbed with garlic.

    Alphonse Daudet will praise Garlic for its medicinal benefits, he will say in particular that people who were almost dying were rehabilitated by preparing two or three plates of garlic soup.

    There are countless legends and superstitions linked to garlic: this plant having been imported into Europe thanks to the Crusaders, and having made it possible to eradicate part of the plague, it was quickly given anti-demonic powers. It is in this lineage that the grandfather of the future King Henry IV will rub the lips of the newborn with a clove of garlic in order to give him strength and power, and protect him from any curse (it is also said that it is the very regular consumption of garlic that has made him a famous lover).

    In the Middle Ages, children were also given garlic braids around their necks to protect them from witches and other vampires.

    In the Mediterranean basin, hanging a braid or a bouquet of garlic in front of your house protects the home from any misfortune.

    But the legends around Garlic are not limited to European borders. Thus, in Siberia, Buryat beliefs suggest that a garlic smell comes from the passage of the souls of women who died in childbirth; in Borneo, the Batak give the garlic the power to find lost souls; in India, it protects from the evil eye when garlic bouquets are tied with red wool.

    Nowadays, many celebrations are dedicated to Garlic and are the occasion for real convivial moments.


    If there are many legends and traditions around the Garlic, it is nothing compared to the virtues attributed to it.

    For thousands of years, garlic has been perceived as a key element in all pharmacopoeias. Homer, Hippocrates, Aristophanes,... All of them have mentioned Garlic in their stories as a miraculous food. Today, it is certainly referred to as an "alicament" (a food with proven medicinal properties). One of the secrets of this miraculous plant lies in one of the molecules it contains: allicin. If this molecule is at the origin of its particular smell, it is also the one that gives it so many powers.

    For the cardiovascular system :

    If there is one plant that is highly recommended to improve and preserve the cardiovascular system, it is Garlic. In addition, it reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride problems. The saponins contained in Garlic also contribute to this protection of the heart system.

    For the immune system :

    Garlic has always been used to fight all infections that the body may know about. It has proven antimicrobial and anti-infective properties. It is an excellent antibiotic thanks to the allicin it contains. You can prepare real homemade remedies for sore throats or mosquito bites, based on garlic.

    For the digestive system :

    Although garlic is not the food best digested by everyone, it still helps to protect the digestive system from any attack of intestinal worms. They say it's antihelmintic

    To slow down cell aging :

    The flavonoids and tocopherols contained in Garlic help to slow cell degradation and aging. Thus, these molecules make it possible to fight cardiovascular diseases, but also certain cancers.

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