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Juniper Berries

The juniper berry is a galbule which comes to accompany your meat and fish preparations. It is one of the ingredients of the famous sauerkraut and gives it the bitter and spicy note that makes this recipe so successful.

Use: Sauerkraut, stews, stews, casseroles, etc

Origin - plantation : Asia

Packaging: reclosable bag of 20g

"Well-being and taste pleasure are at the rendezvous with this juniper berry "

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  • 20g
  • 100g

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  • What is juniper berry?

    Juniper berry is a small galbule produced by juniper, a shrub of the Cupressaceae family. The one also called juniper berry has been cultivated for a very long time, traces of its use in medicine can be found in Egyptian writings dating back to 1550 BC. Juniperus Communis or common juniper was also used by the Greeks and Romans. They heated the juniper wood to obtain cade oil, which was used to wash the dead. In antiquity and during the Middle Ages, juniper was used to disinfect the streets, especially during the period of great epidemics such as the plague and cholera. Today, the juniper berry is still recognized for its medicinal properties, but also for the gustatory pleasure it brings.

    What is the flavour of juniper berry?

    Juniper berries have a resinous, spicy and slightly bitter flavour. It also has slightly peppery and tart notes.

    The harvest of juniper berry in plantations

    Juniper is a hardy shrub that is not very demanding in terms of soil if there is sufficient drainage. This plant resembles a small fir tree that develops purplish-blue fruits on its thorny foliage, which are called berries, but are in fact shapely. It takes two or three years before the juniper berry reaches maturity and can be harvested. They are picked when they are perfectly ripe and dried in a draught avoiding too much heat to preserve their taste and properties.

    How to use juniper berries in cooking?

    If you don't always think about using juniper berries in cooking, it is clear that they are perfectly suited to it. You may have already eaten some without noticing it, it is a berry found in the famous traditional sauerkraut. It is also sometimes found in delicatessen, especially in pâtés and terrines. The juniper berry is also recommended to flavour your game dishes, but also your filet mignon. In a ragout, this berry is also perfectly indicated. In the oven, the juniper berry goes well with roast pork with cloves, butter and bay leaves. Are you a fan of cooking à la plancha? The juniper berry is very much used to make marinades for meat or fish to bring that little spicy note. This berry is also recommended as an infusion with a little orange and peppermint.

    The health benefits of juniper berry

    Juniper berry is a diuretic, it is a perfect urinary antiseptic. It is also used to promote digestion and fight against intestinal worms. Juniper can also be used to fight against obesity and cellulite. It is used against skin conditions such as eczema or herpes. Able to reduce blood sugar levels, it is also used to fight respiratory diseases and relieve coughs.

    The conservation of the juniper berry

    My juniper berries are delivered in an airtight bag. This one being resealable, you can keep them perfectly well in this way. I advise you to leave them in a dark place to preserve their taste and properties.

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